Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Arm Wrestle.

I know I just posted like 2 minutes ago but I have to tell this story. So earlier this morning I was carrying Cholz heavy boxes up the stairs. One, stairs are a nightmare; and two, I dont do well with heavy stuff anymore. So my mom wanted to carry the boxes for me and of course the confident Tara said "Mom I will always be stronger than you, even now when I am at my weakest moment." We all know that I got my fathers build and that I definitely do not have my mothers tiny genes. So she challenged me to an arm wrestle. Now I am only posting about this because of course I won! If I had lost I am afraid I would be downstairs lifting weights or something... It wasnt even close and those were her own words. Maybe I am just posting this because I am so happy that I still have some of my muscle. All hope of my tiny ounce of tone is not gone forever! Yay! I am still a strong girl!...well stronger than my mother! :)


Rachel Schlappi said...

You're the best.
Thanks a bunch for helping me pack so much last night!! It really helped so so much!!
and of course you are strong... those boxes are big time.

michelle said...

Hi Sparky, how are you? I have text you a couple of times but got no reply. Just wanting to say hello, and chat. Got some news. Glad to hear that you are still doing well. I miss ya. Call if ya get a sec.
Love ya