Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two Tenors! :)

 My new ward calling is Ward Choir Director. I know, I am just as surprised as you are. Me? No way, but okay, if that is what the Lord wants I will do my best. Today I had my second choir practice and today, I had my second choir practice with zero tenors! How am I supposed to get a choir ready to sing in church next week when I am the only tenor? I can't sing their part and lead...I can barely lead! I don't know what I am doing and thankfully my mother (and choir pianist) has been a choir director for 15 years and gladly helps me out and can listen to every part, watch me and my pathetic leading, and play the song flawlessly (sight reading of course!). She really is amazing. Thanks Momma, I know you will read this! Anyway, I am a funny little leader that tends to get excited and go up on my toes from time to time. Cutting people off is not my strong point but at least I can keep time. With God all things are possible right? :) So, it has been the second week without tenors and this song really needs a tenor part. It is a beautiful song and the choir is actually doing well! As you can tell by my blog title, there are now two tenors! They probably have no idea how happy I am that they agreed. The story goes as follows....

I have learned more than ever that good things can come from bad things and this is yet another example of how this is true. Yesterday my dear Joshua stepped on a nail. He did a pretty good job of it too. His foot was flat against the board he had stepped on and the nail quickly passed through his shoe and unfortunately his foot. He goes through Motrin like I go through peanut M&Ms and his foot is kinda turning red. I am glad that missionaries have to have tenus shots before the mission so we don't have to worry. We checked the nail and it was not rusty or anything, just long and pointy. He has been on crutches and moving is a burden for him. He is having a great attitude and forgives me for every time I step on his foot or kick his leg. I never did that until he hurt his leg then I start doing it 10 times a day! So my poor guy is in a lot of pain. Josh is part of the Elders Quorum and missed a meeting today because he could not walk and when the elders found out they had to come see him and wish him well. I of course was also at the door and a thought came to my still wonderfully functioning mind..."two men, men...I need men! Could they possibly be tenors??? Just ask!" So I asked and sure enough, BOTH are tenors and BOTH agreed to come to choir next week! I am extremely excited about this and I feel horrible about it but I definitely found good in Josh's pain. I told him that it was a good thing he got hurt (in the nicest way possible) and he agreed. Thanks Joshua for putting yourself through so much pain for me. Thanks to you I have two new tenors and a cute husband on crutches that I get to help. You have never been sick for me to take care of and I am constantly sick for you to take care of!

There is light at the end of every tunnel!

Happy Sunday...are you ready for Monday?


Tara B.

Also, please keep Elder Ferrin's family in your prayers this week. He graduated with me and just passed away while on a mission for our church. he had a brain aneurysm and I know his family would appreciate the prayers of comfort at this time.


karla camille foronda said...

Aww! I know you'll do great:) I was also part of the choir when I was in my senior years. but now, since I already graduated, I wasn't part of my school choir and I missed being part of it :))
nice blog.

Leserlee said...

I'm sure you feel inadequate as choir director, but our last choir director was deaf in one ear, so she really had a hard time hearing parts. Good thing her deaf ear was the side where the sopranos and altos sat, and they have a much easier time than the men learning parts.

Heidi said...

Our ward choir can't even get sopranos or altos-- I think our poor director had maybe two people altogether showing up to the practices. (We're not exactly a musical ward.) When it came time for the musical number in ward conference, the bishop just asked anyone and everyone who thought they could sing the hymn to come up.

I'm glad that there was some good to come out of Josh's injury though!