Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dr. Scan today

Today we went to a different type of Doctor and learned a lot of new things.
1. I am not a crazy tired person who wants to sleep all the time, my body is actually tired and wants to sleep
2. My irritability is real and the doctor can prove it. My chemicals in my brain are a little out of whack as you may imagine
3. My chemicals that induce depression are high...good thing I have Joshua as a permanent anti-depressant so I won't be needing anything there!
4. My digestive system is struggling...I could have told you that...
5. My body is doing well for what it has undertaken so far and the doctor was impressed.
6. I have parasites that are not really harming my body...just there...no worries.
7. I have a nerve problem in my left arm that can be fixed...my arm is just killing...josh is rubbing it as I type with one hand...told you he was awesome!
7. There were more cool things said but I actually fell asleep during the doctors visit...imagine that!

Good news...my nails are growing like crazy and many medical friends have told me that it is a good sign that my body is still doing well...my nails are growing well and my hair is coming in so I am one happy camper...

I pretty much feel like I am going to be on a 14 month period...it is going to be one crazy roller-coaster for Joshua!

Wish us all the best and happy October...does anyone know what I could do that would be cool for Halloween? I need ideas please. Hopefully this is my only Halloween bald but I need good ideas. I do have the capability of sticking suction cups to my head...I can stick the dart things out of Brigham's gun on my head...any ideas there? Just need something cheap and interesting...epic and unforgettable!

Hormonal Tara


Jaimie said...

Tara, Even hormonal you're awesome!!!!! Even at your very worst you put the rest of us to shame. Keep up the good work, you're doing great! Have a great day tomorrow and let Josh help you o.k. We love you tons even when we are irritating! ha ha

Anonymous said...

Mr. Clean :)

Don't know if the opposite gender is ok with you, but it's an idea.

Anonymous said...

My brother in law once went as a crash test dummy....shaved off all his eyebrows and everything.

a green alien

dg darling said...

One of the "Blue Man Group" guys?

Jacob & Kayla said...

Must have Dr Dave, we love him. He knows his stuff. We dont know you yet Tara, but if you keep in contact with him, you'll be in some of the best care ever. I was in the hospital for 6 months, and Dr Shif... is the first dr i've met who actually has, well, in trying to not offend anyone, Dave just relates to us the best. Anyways, maybe i'll see ya there sometime.
-Jacob & Kayla

Lisa Marie said...

When you get pregnant and after you have a baby your "period hormones" go away for quite some time. I remember the day they came back. I was CRAZY all day long and once I figured out why I went crying to Jeron and begged him to not make we wait too long to get pregnant again so I didn't have to feel that way again for another 2 years. lol. Good luck with all that (you too Josh!!).

For the digestive tract... are you taking any probiotics? Kefir is really good for that kind of thing. You can get it at Sprouts. I love the Pomegrante flavor. Ooo... just thinking about it makes my mouth water.