Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scorpians and Shamu

Okay so yesterday was a more serious post, today is a less serious post. I of course consider it just as serious. Scorpians = from the devil and the ugliest creatures on earth. I have never killed, nor will I ever, a scorpian. Why? cause I just can't get myself close enough to killing them. They freak me out and if you know me well enough you have seen me jump 15 feet in the air or climb on the kitchen table when one is around. I spotted four in our house the other day! Really!!! Four, I about had a heart attack! They were big buggers and josh killed them all for me and even picked them up! Man what a stud! That was part of the deal when we got married. He promised to kill all scorpians...picking them up was not part of the deal but I am glad he does! So today at work I got a package from Staples...finally...a day late! It had my much needed ten key so I could imput the million numbers I needed to imput into the software. I set up my ten key and was half way through lunch when a little white friend ran across my desk. I screamed. Yes, in a professional office, I screamed and ran out of that room. There was a white scorpian now underneath my keyboard and there is no way I was going back into that room until it was dead and gone. My dad is in Chicago this week and Josh is half way across town and the thought of actually killing it myself did not even cross my mind so I went and got Carol. She took care of business. She took off her shoe and killed that scorpian in one whack! She too picked it up!!!!!! I am in awe of all these people who just pick up the scorpians and are willing to just kill them for me. You scorpian killers out there, you are my heros! I guess it is just weird to me because all growing up I used to wait for hours for someone to get home and kill the scorpian and that someone was always my mom and she tried over and over to get me to kill it...I of course was too stubborn and she ended up killing them after much pleading and maybe a few tears. She would never pick them up was as if she was trying to teach me a lesson or something!!! :) Anyway, the bottom line is that I entirely loathe scorpians. Ah, I can still remember sitting on the table watching to scorpian move about a year ago...Nathan was the first home that day and he killed it for me...what a stud!

On to a happier note. I must confess that  I LOVE SHAMU. I have loved Shamu since I had a dream about him two months ago. I don't know what got into me but since then I have watched about every shamu youtube video and my background is Shamu. I have saved pictures on my computers and it is sad to admit but I have even listened to Orca Whale crys. I was saddened this morning when I heard that 3 Shamu's have died in the past four months! I was extrememly sad because they died but also becuase I am afriad they are not going to keep the Shamu's at Sea World anymore. The animal rights people are furious but they better not take the Shamu's back to the wild before I get my chance to go see the Shamu show...and the dolphins of course!

I know that this is completely random but it makes me happy and I promised I was back to blogging so here I am keeping my I have to go fullfill another promise of scripture study for 90 days!

Sweet dreams everyone, dream of Shamu tonight!

Tara Lynn


Darcy said...

Great story, you make me laugh.

GG said...

Have you seen Free Willy?? Totally lame 90's movie, but all about Shamu...and Michael Jackson has a song called, "River Jordan" from the Free Willy movie that's very shamu-y. Prayin' for ya girl!!

Val said...

Tara you are just the greatest!! I love you so much! And yes, you better get to Sea World! They have the best Shamu show called Believe. You could probably be the star, but anyways its great. Just like you! Keep pushin along girl!

Tara Schlappi said...

I have not seen Free Willy in forever and Val I have watched the Believe show like 10 times on Youtube but there is a crying baby in the best version...I really need to go live...maybe summer vacation next year! :)

Lisa Marie said...

I can handle scorpions, they don't bother me too much. It's roaches that I scream and run for dear life from. I remember sitting on my bed for probably an hour because 2 roaches had me cornered in my room and I couldn't run to get my dad on the other side of the house. So there I sat, watching them, shaking from fear. Although recently I've started killing them myself. My secret? Fly swatters. They are amazing. You don't have to get close to them and you don't feel their bodies crunch. Eh... I just got the shivers thinking about it. Anyway, try the fly swatter sometime. You might surprise yourself!

(Still shivering thinking about roaches crawling in the room around me.)