Tuesday, February 15, 2011

She's in surgery

This is Becky.  I am relegated the task of updating you all on surgery.  Tara also asked me to update facebook every few hours - not sure I'll tackle that task.

First of all, Tara makes me laugh. She never reads her posts to proof them after she writes them; that is usually me that does that ( if it gets done).  Last post "super fiscal" infection - ha, ha, I needed a laugh right now; and that got one.  I'm sure she meant "superficial".

Just because Dr. Shapiro said that about infection doesn't mean we are scared about it - he also said it very well could be a superficial infection - that's what it looks like - but once again; they will know for sure when Dr. Smith opens her up.

Her departure time through those double doors was 11:45.  Her "asleep" time was probably 11:46.  She left all smiles; while I was fighting back tears and trying to get my heart from hurting.  This time I know what's ahead - well, maybe, I know.  I know some of it.  Don't know if she'll be wearing yet another device (helmet) or all of what's ahead; but I know some.  This brain tumor road isn't short and isn't pleasant; but we survive one day at a time with all of your prayers building us up.  I keep remembering what Tara said about "being in the Savior's hands."  She slept "like a rock" last night (according to Josh and herself) and didn't seem at all scared or worried this morning.  She's just ready to take this on.  What a brave girl she is.  She'll always be my little girl and I don't like to see little girls go through those double doors.

Dr. Smith hates decadron.  That made he and Tara instant friends for sure!  He said he'll only put her on it for 2 or 3 days - some of you may remember her intense hatred for this drug which she finally got off one week after her wedding.  Decadron is a steroid used for brain swelling; very effective for the swelling; but the side effects are yucky.  We met Dr. Smith Sunday (Kris Smith) and we were very impressed with him.

One positive thing - Scott has been emailing Dr. Berger (original surgeon from UCSF).  He feels that it is very unlikely that tumor has come back so soon; he thinks it is likely scar tissue or that necrosis; but agrees that if there is fluid coming out of her head and they are worried about infection; it's a good reason to go ahead with surgery.  I think Dr. Berger has a soft spot in his heart for Tara; but then, who wouldn't??  I like to hear that he thinks there is no tumor in there..... I don't ever want to hear the words "tumor re-growth".  I like "radiation necrosis" much better.

Surgery should take 4 hours.  I will write more later.  Surely appreciate all your prayers, love, and concern. Tara has been reading the blog lots lately while in the hospital... it's therapeutic for her.  Love you all!


Leslie said...

I found your blog through Sadie's blog - I'm grateful her mom has spoken of you and given us your blog to follow so we can pray for you. I think of you often and admire your amazing strength. You are truly incredible and inspiring. You're in my prayers today as you are in surgery. Loves from strangers in Utah!

Leslie (www.friendshipdaisies.blogspot.com)

Amanda said...

I am another stranger from Utah. I am thinking of you and your family. You will be in my prayers. Hoping for the best.

Tami Schlappi said...

Thanks for posting Becky!! We are all anxious to hear how it goes. We are all praying for her here in Utah. She should be getting out of surgery soon and we are all hoping for the best. What a trooper you are, Tara!!! You are such an example of faith to so many. We are proud to know you and be related to you!!!

All our love...
Tami and family

Anonymous said...

Thats Tara, always smiling and cheering everybody else up! I thought of you (Becky) all morning! I know how hard that is watching her be taken through the double doors. My hard breaks with yours. You are doing a great job and Tara and Josh are so blessed to have you for an example! Love and Prayers, Bodreros

Debra Sax said...

I too am a follower that found you from Sadie Huish's blog and have been checking on you guys ever since. I pray for you Tara and your family every night. I admire you for your positive attitude and I truly look up to you for strong testimony. I will continue to pray for all you. Debra in Utah