Monday, February 28, 2011

Quilt, Haircut, and more surgery pictures

I never write when I don't feel good. I just can't. It seems like this recovery has been much more difficult than the last time. That is why I have not written in so long. I send my mom to write things at times because I know there are many of you who do want to know what is going on. So here is the run down of the last week. I have spent most of my hours asleep or watching "The Biggest Loser.: Watching biggest loser did something for my body because I lost over 10 pounds. I am currently trying to gain them all back to coat my stomach from the meds. Every time I want pain meds, I have to eat. The doctors are smart and they will put that weight back on me! It seems like I am riding a constant roller coaster. I am good one day and so I do a lot and try to get everything done. It backfires and I am asleep the whole next day. After resting for a day I feel great again so I go crazy for another day. The cycle never ends. I went to four hours of church yesterday and to an open house for a missionary friend which was obviously too much because today I can hardly keep my eyes lids open! My body is really good at telling me when to sleep! :)

There are many pictures that we have taken recently which include my first haircut and my Young Women.

Haircuts are cool and hurt more when you have stitches and staples in your head. My mullet is gone. That's the haircut excitement...

Now to my Young Women.

About a month ago the Northpoint young women asked if I would join them for their Wednesday night activity. I, of course, agreed being very excited to be in young womens again. I kept checking the date waiting for the 24th to come around. We were worried that I would not make it because I had just barely come home from the hospital. I had the stitches and staples still to prove it. I rested the whole day for my outing that night and made it to young womens. I actually got ready and put normal clothes on to go see them...I had not put on my pants in a long time and realized I was in trouble because they would not stay on my body. We made it work and made it to mutual where I was greeted with one of the most special gifts I have ever received. The young women had made me a quilt! A full on, quilted quilt. For those of you who do not quilt, a hand made quilted quilt is a really really big deal. They had me sit in a special chair and talked about love and service. These young women have shown so much love for me. There will be pictures of the quilt to follow. On the quilt there were pieces that the girls and a few leaders had written on. It was the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen and now I own it. These girls and leaders have taught me something special. The girls wrote inside the quilt and told me things that they had sacrificed and learned. Some said that they were going to the temple every month along with praying for me. One girl said she was going to give up bad music along with prayers. They were combining sacrifice and prayers to plead with the Lord. It was truly amazing and something I will never forget. They are calling on the powers of heaven and it is so humbling to look into all their faces and see the love they have for me. All these girls love me and some of them I do not even know! Just goes to show what prayer and service can do. I don't think that they will ever fully comprehend what they have done for me. I am almost scared to use the quilt because I want it to last forever but there are times that I need a hug and some uplifting and I go to my quilt and surround myself with prayers and love. I knew that if I started reading them all in front of them I would have bawled so instead I looked at them and thought of the temple and started bawling. It took me back to when I was a young woman looking up to the married girls. It kinda was weird because I still see myself as a little girl. I looked at them and all I could think about was the temple. I had this burning desire to tell them about the temple but I couldn't right then. Then Sister Knight said something about the temple and I about burst at the sight. I promptly piped in and told the girls exactly what I thought about the temple and them going to the temple. I had to tell them what it meant to me and how hard it can be to get there. I had to warn them that Satan will try and test them. The leaders say it all the time and it is true but I had to tell them. I believe it strongly that Satan will try to ruin the rest of their lives by taking away the temple. I just saw their perfect young faces and felt the love of the Savior for them. I got scared knowing that Satan will try and test his faithful and I wanted them to know that they needed to be strong. I still can't get the thought out of my mind about the temple. I wish I had enough energy to make it down there because it honestly consumes my mind more than pain or fear. All I care about right now is the temple. I feel like me and the temple have a magnetic draw to each other but the devil is standing between us doing everything he can to stop that. I know that right now I can't go to the temple physically so I try to go in my mind. It may sound weird but I ponder when I can't sleep and I take myself through all of the ordinances and I walk myself through the beautiful temple doors. I smile at all the workers and I feel the peace that is in the temple. It actually works better than Advil! I love to see the temple and my goal is to make it there physically this week, even if it is just a drive by, I will go to the temple this week and show Satan who is in charge! :)

Back to Wednesday night. Right when I got home from young womens there was a knock at my door and the Estate Groves Young Women MiaMaids were there with treats and cards. Great, here come the tears again! :) I looked at them and felt the same thing about the temple. I wanted them all to sit down and let me get on my soap box about the temple but it was getting late and I let them back out the door. So here it is to all the Estate Groves young women. Go to the temple often and don't let Satan get in your way. Life is tough, but you have to be tougher!

I actually go on the internet sometimes and look at all the pictures of the temple. I can make my little room a peaceful haven in a short time by focusing on the temple. It has been an amazing part of my week.

Now for a few pictures! :)

I don't look too happy do I?

Notice the thickness of these tubes... :(

Let the torture begin...Dr. Kalani...evil!

I tried to smile for you all but it was not going to well obviously

I had to walk on my own..

I made it all the way back to my is sad how I longed for my bed when I was up

Torture complete...four staples in there now...

Post Haircut
Right after my new hair cut! The mullet is gone!

Just showing off my new hairs

My Estate Groves Girls...I ate everything almost all by myself! :) Thanks girls!

The Quilt!

 Some of the Young Women there to give me my special gift. Keep the prayers rolling! 

When I first got there sitting in the chair of honor

This is Sister Brown. She is the creator of this amazing quilt. I cannot even imagine the hours she spent working on this quilt for me. Quilters do not easily give quilts away! It is a true honor. 

The whole group :)

As soon as I got home from Young Womens I read every single square a few times!

 Still in awe of what was done for me!

Wrapped myself in love

I will always treasure this special gift. I feel like thanks will never be enough. 


MusicGirl23 said...

It is my church we do something sort of along these lines, we give out 'prayer shawls'. They're made of just about the softest yarn, and about 15 of us women (so far we haven't gotten any guys involved, but I'm working on my dad!) work on them. We've given out over 540! Most of them to people who are 'hurting' be it physically or emotionally. My mom spent almost all of November last year to November 2nd wrapped up in a blue prayer shawl, including through almost 2.5 months of time in hospital. I miss her a lot.

Lisa Marie said...

You could always just go and sit in the chapel in the temple. I'm not sure if that would requre more energy than you have. Just a suggestion.

What a beautiful quilt! Looking at the pictures I was thinking to myself, those are Citrus Hights girls! And then I remembered the boundary change.

The haircut looks super cute! Pixie looks good on you.

Anonymous said...

you are an amazing woman. Each read of your blog inspires me to be a better person. thank you and god bless!