Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brain Surgery: Take Two (Practically a Pro)

We recently spoke to Doctor Smith. He is a brain surgeon, hopefully my surgeon. It has been confirmed that I will need surgery ASAP. Tomorrow starts testing and then we see from there. Dr. Smith is thinking Tuesday or Wednesday hopefully. Our only road block is insurance, well maybe it is a huge road block! :) They said that there are ways to work around it especially if I stay here. The goal is to call it an emergency (which I guess it is) so insurance will cover it. So the process starts tomorrow morning.

Here is how it is all started. We have been mentioning the fluid lately. The fluid has been acting up on scans and now has pushed its way out to affect me physically. Yesterday I woke up and felt my head in bed. I freaked out thinking it was blood. I can be a crazy sleeper and I thought I had maybe hit it. Josh looked at it and saw this fluid that was coming out of the hole. We rushed to the ER only to wait around for hours and hours and hours! :) Finally, we were admitted to hospital. The nurses love me here. My pain is always at a 0 and I keep walking around and stay happy. They love the board that I have drawn all over and are thrilled that I am a low maintenance patient. It is how I help not needing help! They actually walked into the hospital and asked who was the patient. I was the one with the bracelet so I had to lay in the bed...:) I have a few new colorful bracelets to add to my collection now! Okay back to the surgery.

The fluid acted up and they took an MRI. Everyone has looked at it and the Doctor thinks that it could be an infection of the bone. They said that 99% of the people who have part of their bone removed for a while and then inserted again are fine and they react fine. 1% don't. We all know that I am a special girl and that I do not follow the statistics, in ALL circumstances! That is what he thinks it is. It could be a fluid infection but I do not have a fever...they have checked like 20 times! The other thing that they may check is a unknown spot. They think it is either regrowth or scar tissue. If it is regrowth they will insert little chemo wafers and if it is scar tissue then we will have prayers of thanks and leave it alone! Either way, we will take care of it. If my skull is infected then they will replace it with titanium and we know my body does well with that because I already have plates in there. I don't think anyone could react to titanium. Honestly , it is a scary thing but on the other hand...what if it is just allowing us to catch something early? Either way, I see it as a good thing. I cannot say that I am excited but I can say that I am calm. In fact, they just took my blood pressure and the nurse was extremely surprised. She said that if I could keep my pressure this calm and relaxed I could pass a lie detector! Great...can that go on my resume?! She knew that I had just had the bad news and could not believe my nerves. I say this just to assure you that I am not freaking out and that I will be okay. I am in good hands and now, if Smith is my surgeon, I will have the priesthood in my room! I consider myself extremely lucky. I exercised the past two days so I could get fit and ready for this place and the nurse just gave me bail! :) Well kinda! I am allowed to leave the floor and walk all I want around the hospital...I just can't go home or leave the premise. How many people have that right? I am lucky and have forgotten many things but, I will have plenty of time to write tomorrow and so expect updates. Thanks for your continued prayers. If anyone can make it through brain surgery take two...I can! I am so glad I had the experience earlier this week about how the devil can try to get you at weak points. I know that I can be strong if I stay close to the Savior. There I will stay forever.

A complete piece of work!

If you would like to read more facts without sarcasm I have added what they send to the ward below...:)
Tara was admitted to the emergency room Saturday because of fluid coming out of her skull at her surgical incision site.  She may have an infection, but does not have a fever.  

She met with the neurosurgeon today, and they have decided to go ahead with a follow-up surgery.  He said that there are two reasons he wants to do surgery: It could be tumor re-growth or necrosis (dead tissue) from radiation.  The findings on the scan show there is fluid in her brain and some enhancements (growth) but they are unable to tell exactly what the enhancements are from the scans. They will not know until they get in there which it will be.  The fluid leakage has caused them to need to move on this so they can remove it early if it is tumor re-growth.    

Surgery will happen very soon.  Tara will stay admitted to the hospital until surgery but just for observation and testing. She feels fine and is planning on working on some projects with Becky while they pass the time.  She is able to blog and read her e-mail and deeply appreciates your communications, comments on her blog and uplifting spirits.  Right now they have no need for meals, only our prayers.  

The Schlappis and Bodreros want everyone to know how much they appreciate everyone's prayers and support.  They have been sustained and lifted through this trial because of those who have exercised their faith on their behalf.  


Val said...

Oh. my. goodness. I love you and know it will all work out! check your email my dear :]

michelle said...

Just another small hurdle that I know you will have no problem jumping. Hang in there and keep your spirits high like you usually do. I know you will come through this with flying colors. As always, if you or your family need anything, please do not hesitate to let me know. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep me posted. Love ya sparky. Mich!

Amy Millett said...

Best of luck with your surgery! I know that Heavenly Father is watching out for you and that is why you are able to feel so calm and not "Freak out." I felt the same way after Wayne got laid off last year. Instead of fear, I felt peace. Isn't the spirit wonderful!


Good luck! Keep us posted with everything. Miss you! You will be in my prayers! Love you- Love, Brooklyn Peifer

trishabarry said...

you are amazing! and smart to get out and walk around the hospital... good move! There is nothing like feeling fresh air on your skin. :-) You are in my thoughts and prayers... ALWAYS!!!! love you bunches! and your mom, too!!!

love, trisha

mad white woman said...

I missed you at choir today - it just wasn't the same without you! I will be sure to keep you in my prayers over the next few days. I definitely think when it comes to brain surgery having two indicates you are a pro for sure. :)

Heidi said...

Well, I'm so inspired by how calmly you are handling this-- it makes me want to try harder and have a little more faith when my own minor challenges threaten to swamp me. Love you Tara and we will keep you and Josh and your families in our prayers!