Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 1

The first day after surgery is never very fun.  Tara was in the recovery room until 10:30 pm waiting for an ICU bed.  She has been pretty out of it so far.  In the recovery room; she did rear some of her "spunk" - as her eyes were closed we would softly whisper so as not to wake her; and she would order us to talk louder so she could hear what was going on.  She kept telling us that even though her eyes were closed; she could hear everything.  When we spoke of the "catheters" she thought we meant the usual kind; not the kind in the head!  We had to tell her 3 times she had 4 catheters in her head.  She was bewildered by that whole deal.  She's been in a great deal of pain - she has to have morphine every hour - and the nausea is worse than last time; but we hope that as the hours go by; she will be more and more alert and comfortable.  It's really hard for her to get her head comfortable - especially with all the tubes hooked up to that precious head.  It's amazing how she can be almost bouncing off the walls on Monday; and now she's just completely wiped out.  Surgery is tough; that's for sure.  It had to be done, however.

Josh was the night nurse - a tough job the first night.  She couldn't drink apple juice this time - she came through surgery more easily last time as far as nausea goes. She initially said in the recovery room that her head didn't hurt as much this time; but I think that's just because she was on morphine - we'll see what happens today with her head hurting.

We'll be in ICU for 2 days or more; depending on these catheters hooked up to her head.  The recovery for this surgery will take longer because they have to deal with this infection for awhile.  Dr. Crandall is taking care of our hunger needs while in the hospital - we had an Italian feast on Valentine's Day, compliments of Dr. Crandall, and he makes sure Josh has access to the doctor's lounge for breakfast!  It's so good to have friends.  We love you all and appreciate so very much all your prayers yesterday and always in Tara's behalf. I will post pictures soon - I brought my cord to the hospital!  Tara wants pictures of the whole deal - you know how she is about medical issues - she likes medicine and all the details... but unfortunately, she did not get to watch surgeries on Monday like she hoped.  Another day....

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Leserlee said...

Just reading what Tara has gone through with pain helps me to realize what Abigail must have gone through with her two surgeries. Morphine every hour sounds pretty intense. We are praying that she recovers quickly and the infection doesn't come back.