Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Morning!

The title started with Good Morning Arizona but then I remembered all of you who do not live in AZ! So let me start again.

Good Morning Arizona,Utah,Texas,Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Iowa, Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, Germany, and last but definitely not least...South Africa! This is Tara Bodrero reporting from room 41 floor 6 of the St. Joe's Hospital.

Ah that feels better...It feels better to include all (please let me know if you are not included).

I woke up peachy as ever this morning. Nurse came in today to check my vitals again thinking I could possible be in shock yesterday and not knowing what was going on. No ma'am I can fool I lie detector and I do know what is going on. Everything was normal and shows that I could still pass a lie detector test. I am going to try to become more aware of what will be happening by sneaking into a few surgeries today. Terri said that i may be able to watch from a window they have...I may get to watch Dr. Smith who is my surgeon. I have watched a few youtube videos but I am sure that the real thing will most likely be more interesting. Yes I am aware of what is going on. I corrected my dad yesterday when he said that they would have to take a knife to my head again..."Dad, I am about 99% sure they will have to use a saw of some sort...not a puny knife!" So I would prefer to say that I am going under the saw...not the puny knife! Real surgeons use saws! :)

I would like to say that I am patiently waiting for my breakfast to get here, unfortunantly that is not the takes them forever to get here and my food is always cold. I am waiting very impatiently and constantly watching the clock.I am hoping that blogging will take my mind off food. Being the brain surgery pro that I am, I know that when I wake up I will not want to eat anything but rather drink apple juice. My jaw muscle that has finally started to heal, will once again be battered and cut apart. Eating will be hard and I will lose weight so I am gaining right now. Man it is wonderful to be a girl who is trying to gain weight...hopfully it does not bite me in the rear later! :) Yes, I call myself a pro. I know how stinky I will after and how to deal with it. I am grateful this time that my hair will be easier to brush and that they won't have to cut my long locks off again! Ahh there is good to previous trials! I know about the contact situation so I brought my glasses and slippers are in the bag! Hopefully this time will be better...practice makes perfect. I am praying that I get this perfect this time so I don't need more practice.

I have to tell you all about my comical mother...for those of you who don't know her...I am extremely sorry and you should do whatever you can to get to know her! She is awesome. Yesterday she rolled in with two suitcases...the smaller being the one that contained her clothes and necessities. I am sure a few of you can guess what was in the bigger, heavier of the two. Half her sewing room. If you need mending of any sort we have a full on sewing machine and every color of thread...we got the works down here and may have to set up in the waiting room so we have enough room. Life just wouldn't be the same without my wonderful momma! All sarcasm set aside, she really is the greatest and I love her.

So who knows what today will bring. My first Valentines Day! Well my first birthday married wasn't exciting enough with radiation and chemo so we decided to vamp up this holiday!

Hopefully surgery is tomorrow and we can bust out of here sooner. Life is great and if you need specific things to pray for we are praying for the bone. We are praying that it does not have infection and that we can keep the bone that I already have. Also, for that little spot...that it may not be cancer regrowth but rather scar tissue. Peace and love is always in there along with a guided surgeon who will be able to save my left side. (yes, this is at risk again and the brain mapping test today will help them avoid damaging it)

Have a wonderful morning! It's warm in AZ! :) haha.. I feel bad for those of you in the snow...I am just counting my blessings! :)


Birtcher said...

Wow! That is so great Tara! I am so glad things are going as they should and that you have the calm reassurance that everything will work out. You're so brave to go and actually watch the surgeries! That's cool you're wanting to learn everything about your procedure before it even happens! and that you're so calm about it! (Blessings of the spirit i'm sure) :D Glad it's being taken care of. I just had a questions. I'm acutally studying to become a neuropsychologist/behavioral neurobiologist and got interested in brain mapping. Could you tell me a little more about that, if you don't mind and have got a few minutes? I think it's fascinating and would love to learn from someone who has had it done before. my email is
Thanks Tara! You're in my prayers
-Kacie Birtcher

Amy said...

Hey Tara I am Max & Debbie Boyer's daughter & I laughed out loud at your mom sewing in your room. That is classic & exactly what my mom does anytime she is sitting in a hospital room with me {or my kids}!

Good luck with everything - you & your fam our in our thoughts & prayers!

Shantelle Meacham said...

Thanks for including Indiana! I'm praying for you like always! Keep up the great attitude! You are amazing!

Lisa said...

Tara, you are in our prayers... I have gotten to know you mom a little bit and she is a wonderful woman, (maybe the hospital will hire for mending). Keep up the postitive attitude it makes life easier and helps our trials seems smaller when we think postitive! Lisa Larson

Kerisa said...

You forgot your cousins in Oregon! :)
We will be praying for you and the Doctors. Hope all goes well! We love you!
-Kerisa and Boyd

Jack said...

I am so blessed to have stumbled acroos your blog. You inspire me to be a better Person every day! I just wanted you to know... You are touching people all over the world! I will be patiently awaiting an update and praying for you as we always do!
Good Luck, Lot's of XOXO's
Jadie Banks

Anonymous said...

Praying for you in Alabama as well!!! I came across your blog and I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you everyday! God is a GREAT God and He will never give you more than you can handle. Keep your pretty head up!

Ashley White ( Birmingham, AL)