Sunday, February 13, 2011

Here again

Yesterday I made my monthly visit to the Emergency Room. You know it is sad when the ER nurses know you and say, “Hey you have been here before” and when your transport person knows who you are. Making friends at the ER is not really a good thing. Yesterday morning I woke up and I had a hole in my head. Josh said it looked like someone punctured me with a non-mechanical pencil. The fluid yesterday morning was wet and sticky. At first I thought I had blood on my head but then josh looked and right on my scar, there was a hole. We headed straight to the ER after Terri told us that it could be an infection and we needed to get it checked on ASAP. So we sat in the ER from 9 yesterday morning until 11 yesterday night when they finally decided to admit me. I am currently sitting here waiting for my surgeon to come look at my head. The fluid has increased but it keeps drying before they can take a culture. I have not let them put an iv in my. I have assured that it is not necessary! :) My nurses find my comments on the white board comical and do agree…I am stubborn! I figured it was only fair to give them a heads up that I was a piece of work. My nurse came in to give me pain meds this morning and I about told her that my pain was an agonized 9 so I could get me so morphine but then she saw my silly picture next to the zero pain scale that I had drawn. Covers blown…the nurses know I am not in pain… No morphine this trip! :) So back to Josh and I’s magical Valentines date last night. We set up House on Josh’s computer and snuggled in our huge:) ER room! We were lucky we fit. The nurses found it comical that we were sitting in the hospital watching House! :) The funniest was the sergeant my mom called her the “Nurse Nazi” she freaked out about how many people were in the room. Mom tried to hide from her but she kept finding her hiding behind the curtain. She actually sent security after her! Another nurse said that it was fine and told us when the crazy nurse left. Her shift ended at 7 but come 8:30 she was still there! So Josh and I got to have a romantic time together and then we had a show at the end of the night. There was a lady in there that was so hopped up on drugs. She was going crazy and freaking out at everyone. I wish I had a video for you. Everyone just got up and kinda watched/laughed at her. I guess she was in the ER New Years Eve and the nurse said that she had enough alcohol in her to kill most people. Her boyfriend actually brought her in because she was so high. It was the best Valentines weekend ever!

So now I am sitting here waiting for the surgeon to get here. I don’t have a fever but the fluid is increasing and he( Dr. Smith, my AZ Surgeon) is coming to see me. I have seen his nurse a few times and they are not quite sure what is going on yet. There may be a problem with my skull letting fluids out. It may be spinal fluid or a protein build up. We will know more when the surgeon gets here hopefully.

Well I will post after the doc comes. Wish me luck!


Natalie said...

Praying for you. You are such a fighter, Tara. I dont know how you manage to take a poopy situation and turn it into something you can laugh about and find happiness in. I hope to one day have characteristics such as yourself. I admire you so much.

Heidi said...

We'll send more prayers your way. My goodness, Tara, what a lively Valentine's adventure. I too am so inspired by how you are able to turn these experiences upside down and find the positive!