Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Being the spunky patient Tara is, she took the white board into her own hands. It wasn't that long ago her pain was at a "0".  Man, how I wish that was the case today.  Surgery can change things so quickly!

                                       She's much cuter than Vanna White, don't you think???

Our "last meal" on Valentine's Day - last time Tara would feel like eating for awhile.. our Italian feast compliments Dennis Crandall and "Pino" our new Italian restaurant friend!

                                         Josh brought Tara flowers for Valentine's Day...

                                                 Tara's Monday night visitors.. her "team"

              They're going to take my daughter away.... she's all smiles and ready to go!  Does she have any            idea how much this is going to hurt??

                                                    Recovery....with her ever watchful Dad

           This is a good view of the catheters hooked to her head - 2 in, 2 out - "drain me, feed me" system.

Our new druggie on morphine - if she isn't on morphine; it's really brutal.  Those 4 catheters create much pressure on the brain and cause pain. She has a very hard time finding a spot that will be comfortable for her head. She will have them in for 3-5 days; all of which she'll have to be in ICU.  From then on, she will have IV antibiotics; but the resident doctor said home health care can bring the antibiotics to her; instead of us going to the hospital 3 times a week - that's a relief!

Thanks so much for your prayers - we're not out of the woods yet; but the doctor said this is "the best they can do" to treat this infection.  Now we just pray that this treatment for the infection works.  Only 3-7 percent of patients in Tara's position get infected; so she beat the odds again, but this time not on the right side of the scale!  There are little holes in the bone where they have inserted the catheters. He also said they had to "stretch" the skin on top of her head - it's thinner because of radiation and the surgery was done once, so it's more difficult to recover the second time around.  All these things equal pain for Tara; but thank heavens for pain meds.  I just hate to see her like this and eagerly await the Tara I had on Monday.  She still has her sense of humor; she's calling the catheters her new "hairdo" and "hair extensions!"  So, the old Tara is in there waiting to surface... just got to get through this week...


michelle said...

Awwww Tara, God love ya!!!! I'm so glad you're doing so well. My family is thinking of you and your family and keeping you in our prayers! I love that you post picture, but they just break my heart. That is not the spunky ding dong that I know in the pics and I miss her so. Thanks to your family for posting and keeping everyone caught up. Looking forward to chatting to you soon. Heal quickly!!! Love Misha

trishabarry said...

i am thinking about you and praying for you. you are in my thoughts CONSTANTLY. If it is any consolation... the nausea hit me worse the second surgery, too. But, then again... I did not have the catheters in my head that tara is sporting. It is a new look... but she still looks gorgeous!

I love you guys! love, trisha

The Vaughn Family said...

I learned of you through Rex's site. I'll be praying for you, and for your loved ones. I pray you have a recovery that is as quick and comfortable as possible!! Hugs from Michigan...always with hope!

With hope and prayers,
Kim Vaughn