Friday, September 3, 2010

Surgery Went Fine

Surgery went fine and sometime when I have more energy I can tell you all about how I was awake and what happened. Today i am just happy to be able to move my arm. The surgery had more effects than we thought it would and sleeping and being normal are hard for me. I am rather bruised up and sore. Today was my first infusion with the port and the nurse promised that it will never hurt as bad as it did today...and it is a good thing because if it ever hurts that bad again I am afraid I am going to have to rip the port out and stick with the fat IV's from now on. It is just so tender and the needle the stuck in my chest was about an inch long and they just went straight down! At least it is over for 2 weeks. Hopefully a lot of healing goes on in that time. I think a few girls driving out of the hospital today knew I was sad. They rolled down their window and gave me a pretty yellow orchid. One way to put a smile on a strangers face and turn their whole day around is a smile flower. I about cried in the parking garage waiting for my mom. I was just so grateful for that flower. I think it was a left over flower from one of their stays but the flower did not feel left over at all! By now the heat has killed that yellow flower but the heat will never kill the happiness that has remained inside since those girls gave me my yellow flower.

Then of course I walk into wal mart to get milk and had the best check out man ever. He just made me smile and turned completely around by a few strangers. I want to be someone's stranger who makes them happy sometime...I don't think I can carry around yellow flowers though...I will just have to get creative

Well mother is calling...must go!

Tara Bodrero


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear everything went fine; was sending you positive thoughts all day today. You are on the right track with your desire to make strangers feel good - it is an awesome feeling. I'm glad you were on the receiving end of that today, just when you needed it. Wishing you lots of rest and recovery this weekend.


Jed & Mary Neilson said...


Your attitude is already changing many strangers lives! Hope you feel better soon and that your next infusion does not hurt! Sending happy thoughts your way.