Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chemo again

This is Becky.  Tara and my sister think I should start my own blog - but I'm not sure I have that much to say to create my own deal - so this will be short - but my mother's heart is hurting again today.  Tara came over for breakfast and she had that "look" on her face.  She has been so sore the past few days because of the port; but this was not a "my neck and shoulders hurt" face, it was a "I'm sick" face.  Brought back memories of radiation and chemo that we finished not too long ago.  I guess I was overly optimistic and was wishing she would be able to stomach chemo without too much problems.  She is still functioning; just feels sick.  I keep telling myself this is only for 5 days - now it's for only 4 more.  That chemo must be so strong - take it one night in a pill form and the next day you're SICK!  That works fast.  Let's think positive - it must be working that fast on those dreaded cells that probably don't even exist anymore in her head because so many miracles are working in her behalf.

It's tough to be the one in pain, and the one watching the child in pain. No matter that Tara is a grown woman now; she's still my child and I don't like it.  Yesterday when she had the IV and it really hurt; I cried along with her.  She said it wasn't helping; so I had to buck up and stop.  One positive note - she said at least her body isn't tired (the radiation sort of tired) she just feels sick and her head aches.  Josh is the man of the hour and got her to take Tylenol; thanks Josh - he even got her to take Vicaden last night so she could sleep. Tara is anti-pain pills.

Love you all!  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!!!  We WILL get through this.

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