Saturday, September 11, 2010

I have the best life. and chili's experience

I have the best life. No one can compete...sorry I take the cake in that category. I have been so blessed and I continue to be blessed. Today I had fun doing the dishes and landry and running errands with Joshua, then watched a BYU game while he did homework (they lost...) I got to hang out with the Bodrero family for a few hours and now I get to go see my daddy and all our neighbors and friends. Really, try to compare your life to mine! Mine wins everytime. I am walking, talking, laughing...a lot, exercising, eating and looking like nothing is wrong at all! if I had hair, no one would ever know that I am fighting cancer. And to make my perfect day better...I just looked out the window and saw the most beautiful sunset ever. So I was pondering life a lot today. Pondering how easy it is for some to accidentally bring life and for the fight some have to bring life. A life can end at any time, some with notice, some without. Is one better than the other? Or does it depend on the family and the circumstance? What is it like to lose a loved one? I kind of know how it feels to be the loved one that could be lost but how would I feel if this was my Rachel or Nathan going through this? I know I would not do well. I was thinking again today about what my dad told me the day after I found out I had the tumor. "You got your wish". I did get my wish. If Nathan or Rachel or any family member had this I know that I would wish it was me. I got my wish and I am so happy that wishes and dreams do come true. I am honestly blessed because of this trial and I will cherish what I have learned and the experinence I am having for the rest of my life.

Last week Josh and I went to Chili's for our date night...suprised? ha! Josh loves burgers second to me and Chili's do a good burger! So we decided to color a chili for a dollar to go towards childrens cancer. We did the dollar chilli because I am donating my veins every two weeks for reserach and I gave my tumor away and I have no idea how much that can help...hopefully more than a dollar! I really just needed something to color so I grabbed a chili and started with my four crayons. Ever since I saw a picture of Sadie  with her "Cancer Fears Me" beanie I have decided that cancer fears me too! So I wrote that on my chili and wrote underneath, Tara Bodrero fighting Brain Cancer 2010-2011. I guess the lay that sat up saw my chili and really liked it. She hung it in a special spot so it would not get lost amiss all the other Chili's and she contacted me today via facebook and told me how she felt. I have another one praying for me! yaya. It was really neat and I rather enjoyed her email. I think Josh and I will be back at Chili's next week to see my Chili and my new angel who has joined our forces.

God will not abandon us.


Tara Bodrero

PS. If you are ever feeling blue, watch the sunset


Heidi said...

You have do have a wonderful life, Tara! (Though I'm pretty happy with my own, thank you very much!!)

Glad you are enjoying all the little things.

Anonymous said...

Hey T-rah rah!!!!!! Hope your talk went well yesterday! I wish I could have been there! Thanks for making my son so happy and for going to Chili's with him! I know hamburgers get old for us girls but would we really want a husband who always ate salad and wanted to watch chick flicks? ha ha. I read your blog yesterday and it really humbled me and made me ashamed about the things I take for granted! You're the bestest!! Love ya more than chocolate!!! Momma Bodrero