Monday, September 6, 2010

One treatment left!

After I take my next chemo dosage tonight in 30 minutes, I will only have one more treatment left this month! Then I get a few weeks off! Today I did much much better than the last two days...maybe cause I labored so much today on this blessed holiday. I was so busy I did not have time for my head to hurt or for it to hinder me so it didn't! I need to be this busy everyday! We have offically stolen a dog from my parents house. KC now happily lives with Josh and I. In the few short days she has lived here she has put on weight and made a new purple friend. She carries around this little TY stuffed animal around so tenderly but always by the head. she sticks the whole head in her mouth and seriously tenderly carries it around. She never goes anywhere without it and sleeps with it right by her side. It is the cutest thing in the whole world. Josh and I adore her and love having her with us.

I am happy to announce that the port is doing much much better...I really don't think it could have been doing worse. Just as the doctor said, it gets better every single day and it is hard to sleep. Speed bumps are still an mom flies over them and they rattle my whole body which then sends pain straight to the port...we all have to remind her not to take them at 35 MPH! I have had bad luck today with running into things and maybe that is the only reason I still have pain. Josh accidentally slammed the door on my head...I really don't know how it happened and he felt horrible. It hurt for a while but the bump is already going down! :) He was so sad but I reassured him that I would surely hurt him someday and feel really bad so he need not worry about it. I am so accident prone. In fact I asked every doctor, surgeon, and nurse if there was ANY WAY I COULD POSSIBLY hurt this port. If there was a way...I assure you, my body would find it and make it happen. They told me that some people play with them subconsciously and actually flip them around. I have made my family and co workers aware of this and if I subconsciously play with it they will remind me to stop! Today I don't think that I hurt the port or ruined anything but I sure smacked it hard. Somehow when I was opening the fridge it hit me! It took my hand and shoved it straight into my port which shoved me straight into pure agony...Thanks fridge! I use the other side of the fridge now. It actaully looks pretty cool now because the incisions are turning cool colors with the brusing.

Well battery is about to die on the computer. I hope you all had a marvelous Labor Day!

One more day down!

Tara Bodrero

And if I get them in time, here are some pictures from the Goo Goo Dolls concert Josh and I went to for my birthday and the most awesome t shirt I will be purchasing soon!

I cannot tell you how happy am that I still have eyebrows to make me look like a girl! :) Count your many blessings!

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Rachel Schlappi said...

I miss KC.
you guys need to get skype so i can skype KC too.
and i miss you sister.
a lot.
can't wait for thanksgiving!!