Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A long long day

Yesterday will go down in history as one of the longest days of my life. First I woke up at 4:45 so I could take my father to the airport. All went well on the way to the airport but havock broke out the second I got to work. Well to start things out, I got to work at 6:20 AM. There is a heavy duty alarm on the office and no I did not set off the alarm. I was smart enough to wait in my car for Sean. He is always the first in the office becuase he has to be there when the stock market opens. Yesterday Sean got there at about 6:40 and took care of the I only sat in my car for 20 minutes. As soon as I got in the office I had a million things to do. I had no time to be tired or lazy... and as soon as Shelley got to work I of course had more things to do. We ran around the whole day trying to get everyone else ready for their meetings. At 5:00 PM I left the office to pick up my dad from the airport and this is where the real problems started! I made it about a mile and a half on the freeway before my back right tire blew...never had that happen before! Luckily I was in the right hand lane and close to an exit. I exited and pulled to the side on the off ramp. I called my mom and told her what had happened and she headed on her way to get my dad and then they would come get me. We were trying to hurry to Nate's game! He was starting and I was really excited to see him play. I knew it would be about 40 minutes so I just pulled out a lawn chair from the back of the car and made myself at home on the side of the road in North Scottsdale. I sat there for 15 or 20 minutes and then a guy walked up to me and asked if he could change my tire. He said his wife drove home and saw me and then continued to tell me how dissapointed he was the no one else has stopped to help me. He was extremely nice and got me on the road again...I thought. He watched me drive away and told me how to get back on the freeway. As soon as I pulled my u turn to get back on the freeway, my spare tire blew! Great - twice in one day! I was on the phone with my dad and he told me to stay in the I did. Then about a minute later traffic had cleared so I got out of my car and got on the sidewalk next to my car. This is when the accidentS happened. I watched all three of them happen. Everyone else seemed to get around me fine but one guy wasn't paying attention and had to slam on his breaks. This caused the person behind him to hit and the person behind him...yes three. The ambulance came and the police and everything. They asked me if I was okay and I told them I just had a flat. The ambulance guy looked me in the eye and said "now don't you think this was your fault, someone back there was not watching the road. This happens all the time. This happens all the time." That was exactly what I needed to hear. I was thinking that it was my fault and that I had caused all this trouble. So I got out of it with no damage but a flat tire...or two! My mom and dad finally came to get me and we were on our way to Nate's game...just late. While on the freeway we barely missed a ladder in the middle of the road...another accident waiting to happen. I finally made it home around 9:00PM and went straight to bed. I would prefer not to have anymore yesterdays but I am glad that I do not have to pay anything...I have paid for accidents before and they are not cheap. When ever you hear that car crash, you can also hear your bank acount crying!

Nate's team didn't win but I am so glad I made it to see him in his uniform. I love going to family games. Well today has started out better already...I slept until 5:45 and I got to go with Josh to school...he is in Microeconmics right now. He will take me to work after class...I would rather stay here in school...maybe someday I will be able to finish...I miss school.

Have a grand day!

Tara Bodrero

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Natalie said...

Oh my gosh! I got in an accident right after school got out one day senior year. I was on my way to cheer pictures..aka was in my uniform. EMBARRASSING.

But it caused two MORE accidents just because people weren't paying attention to the road and looking at my totaled truck.