Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Watching Josh do homework

So I am sitting here on a wonderful Wednesday night just overjoyed that I don't have to take chemo for another month and wathcing Josh do his homework. Pathetic I know! He gets really excited about his homeowrk sometimes and I just can't stand to miss the fun so I stick around and sit by him...actually I am too scared to be in any of these rooms in this huge scary house without him...that's the real truth. So I am sitting here watching Josh and reading past posts and comments and then started giggleing thinking about all the emails I get from people who can't figure out how to post! They have importnat, great things to say but can't figure them out because they don't know how to use the website completely. Not a problem at all...just rather comical sometimes to see how frusterated people get because they cannot post! I love your posts by the way...whether via email or straight-up posts! So on with my ponder... I was just thinking...if you can't post how are you ever supposed to fix your computer? And then I thought to myself and kind of out loud (sometimes I dstract Josh with my crazy ideas and funny jokes Rick Horton sends me) "Josh can fix their computers!" Please let me do a little bragging...

My adorable husband... who literally just cheered five seconds ago because he figured out a problem... builds computers. Yes he actually builds them and does it for fun. Growing up he used to research all the best parts and build them virtually on the computer. One day he and his friend got together and actually bought the parts and put together an awesome computer. Through all of his study he has not only learned how to build computers, but also fix computers...which has come in very handy at the Schlappi home. If it has to do with technology Josh can pretty much fix it or tell you if you need a new one. Sometimes computers just get so old and outdated it is not worth it to fix one because you can get a good computer nowdays for a decent price. So Josh walks in and in about 15 minutes can tell you how effective your computer is. Josh helped me buy my laptop. He asked me what my needs were and where I would spend the most time and found me the perfect laptop. We go to Best Buy every date night it seems and last week when we were there he just became discusted with how companies rip people off. They tell you that you need all this fancy stuff when in don't. It is just a reason for them to make the price higher. Anyway, this is long enough I guess my bragging/recent ponder/idea to make extra money needs to come to an end.

In short. Josh rocks and if you need computer help give him a call. He is a pretty nice guy and knows a lot about computer and technology.

He can fix and build computers along with consult on how to find the right computer/laptop for you.

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elizabeth cullimore said...

Just wanted to say I'm glad we're in the same ward again! I feel like a protective older sister! (And don't forget a sweater this Sunday!)

How fun to go to a Goo Goo Dolls concert!