Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Empty cupboard

This is Becky.

I just now did a very cool thing.  I needed more room for glasses in my cupboard - and guess what went to the laundry room with our medicine box we rarely use?  You guessed it!  ALL the headache medication!!!  No more Advil, no more Aleve, no more Extra Strength Tylenol, no more extra headache relief with caffeine, no more generic brand Ibuprofen!!  Are we possibly returning to that "we never go to the doctor or take medicine" family again??  Do you have any idea how good it felt to put that medicine AWAY???

I'm just so happy this week - can it be because Tara is feeling great?  Maybe.  I have great kids, a great husband, and an awesome grandson, and the best in-laws ever!  Life is good. I am so blessed.  I also have great friends and supporters!!  That miracle we need WILL happen!  We will enjoy the next two weeks before chemo starts again.  Friday is clinical trial day; but Tara doesn't seem to be exhibiting any side effects from that - maybe she's on the placebo..... we'll see - I hope she's on the real stuff!

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Avon said...

I am so glad that you are happy Becky and that Tara is feeling great!!!! You are amazing and continue to inspire me every day with your strength and courage. I love you guys :).