Monday, April 25, 2011

Surgery number 4!

Hey all, Rachel here! I just got back to the 85205 on Saturday night and I could not be happier. Mesa Arizona has got to have the best weather on earth this time of year. But mostly this place has got the best people around. I am so excited to have a 4 month break from school, work, and party with my family all day every day. It's gonna be great!

But here is the update I know you all really want:
She just went under and is on her way into surgery now! We got to the ER at 6:30 this morning and she got taken away around 3:10... So we are all a little tired. But it has been quite a day! It's my first time being here in surgery with Tara. The 3 previous I have been in a completely different state. Her first big surgery I had to graduate from High School so the family went to San Fran without me. And then the last 2 I was stuck up in a place called Provo, Utah at the BYU. So I have been disappointed that I have been missing out on all the fun. If you can call it that... But I love being here for her. The hospital definitely isn't my most favorite place, but the nurses and everyone are so nice. My mom says the nurses are sometimes Nazi's but I don't believe her... I must be Tara's good luck charm :)

Of course Tara was all smiles and has had the greatest attitude all day. I do feel a little bad because I have been eating granola bars and goldfish in front of her while she has to starve before surgery.

They moved Tara to the old Pediatric room to give her more privacy. It was definitely better than sharing a room in the ER with some lady who was moaning in pain the whole time. It was so sad... I hate hearing people suffer. But in the pediatric room it was so bright and so happy!! There were giraffes on the walls and actual light. Me and T loved it.
We got cozy on the bed and watched a lot of Food Network... It doesn't take a lot to keep us happy!!

But now Dad, Mom, Josh, and I are sitting in the waiting room just... waiting. The doctors seem to all think that there is no infection because the wound isn't red and there isn't really a lot of puss coming out, but the hole in her head has gotten really big. It has grown from the size of a pencil tip, to where you could probably fit your pinky finger inside her head. You can see the skull too if you look closely. There are picture on my mom's camera, but sadly she forgot it.

Anyway, I really just want her head to heal. Thats all! Is that too much for a girl to ask? All I want is my sister back. And not at the hospital all the time. Then we can really party this summer :)

Well, thanks for all the prayers everyone. I know we all feel them and appreciate them greatly. Especially Tara. So thanks for everything you do.

She is not alone. She has the greatest family, and friends looking out and prayer for her. But most importantly she has her savior Jesus Christ who loves her and is here for her always.

Much Love,
Rachel Schlappi

Update number 2: She is out! Dr. Smith didn't see any infection on the bone. Yes! So he sealed up the wound pretty tight and scraped off any remaining infection he saw in the cracks of the titanium plates or something... But he said the infection is looking good. He said probably 3 more weeks of Vancomycin (the infection drug) and then she can finally start Chemo again. A downside is she will probably be taken off her Avaston trial which is supposed to stop a tumor from coming back, but then again she might have the placebo... So yeah. Surgery number 4 has come to a close. We aren't too happy about the fact that she can't start Chemo again very soon, but at least the bone isn't infected!!


A said...

Thanks for the update! We've been thinking about and praying for her all day. We love you guys.

A said...

Don't know why it called me "A" - that was from the Maloneys.