Monday, April 11, 2011

Someone is watching over us

Someone is looking out for us. Josh and I just had an amazing experience this weekend. It started on Saturday when we learned that we needed to move. The Gulbrandsen’s needed the house for their own family…we understand…family first. The scary thing was that we only had until the 22nd of April. At first my mind started to panic but after a few minutes I felt this overwhelming peace. I just knew that we were going to be okay. Living in the Gulbrandsen home was a blessing and it came at the exact time we needed it. We were led there and we believe that we have been led to where we will be living now. Yes, in less than 24 hours of notification, Josh and I had found a new place to live. The Lord is looking out for us. Just another tender mercy, another reminder of His love. Sunday morning the Curtis’s (in our current ward) asked if they could talk to Josh and I. The word had not spread that we were looking for a new place to live. They told us after church they wanted to talk to us about moving into their home! Wait…seriously? Brother Curtis told us that he had a very strong impression on Friday to have us come live in their home. Friday was the day BEFORE the day we even found out we had to move. They were going to ask us regardless because of this impression he had. Tell me this isn’t meant to be…:) That’s not the end of it. President Stoker went to the Curtis’s yesterday to ask them to serve a mission for the Church. He went yesterday, before we met with them and discussed a mission with them. I cannot believe how this all happened. It still blows my mind to realize how blessed we are.

I know that this is poorly written and you may not understand all of it. Pretty much, the Lord is looking after us. Everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences. Josh and I are extremely excited about this new adventure and are extremely grateful to the Gulbrandsen’s and what they have done for us and now also for the Curtis’s who have opened their home to us.

We really are being blessed through our trials.

We will be professional movers in no time!

Have a happy Monday!



PS from Becky - the reason it's so wonderful to have Tara & Josh living with the Curtis's is that both sets of parents are still CLOSE which helps a ton in Tara's situation; and also with all the $ saved by not paying rent, it helps them pay the medical deductible they have every year....and they can stay in this area where people know them and have helped us so very much.  We have a unique 2 ward family here!  The Northpoint Ward and the Estate Groves ward (both which are in a 3 square mile radius) are where they need to be - and they're still here!  YEA!!!


Lisa Marie said...

That is SO awesome. The Lord really does watch out for each of us. But he's especially taking care of you right now. And that makes the rest of us so happy since we are all praying for it. :)

Birtcher said...

So cool! What a blessing Tara! It's so exciting when you can see the finger of the Lord work in our lives to make it for the better. Often unknowingly, he is adjusting and shaping us and our experience. He loves us SO much. I'm so happy for you and Josh! :D