Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moving/ Spring Cleaning

So my mom was not exaggerating when she said I had YEARS of things to go through. I had about 4 hours max to pack before my wedding and most of that was heavily medicated and hormonal so I was not very productive. It really did end up being a “throw everything in a box or bag” moment. We moved around so many times the first two months that we were married that I never had time to really…unpack! I unpacked what I needed and left the rest. The Gulbrandsen’s had plenty of room. So yesterday I guess I unpacked completely. I and went through everything I had…most of it not needed and that’s why it was still not unpacked. I think I could win an award for being the biggest pack rat…okay maybe not. I watched Hording…Buried Alive on TLC and I think it is what completely freaked me out. After watching that I ran up the stairs and started throwing things away! I am the t shirt queen and I decided that I really don’t need 80! I really only need a few! I kept maybe more than a few but hopefully less than 12…that’s a much better number. I got on a role and got rid of half my hoodies…all of which were pretty much given to me. I absolutely love hand me downs (infact my entire outfit today is comprised of them) but have a problem not keeping them all! I have only bought one hoodie and it was years ago (doesn’t fit) but when I first looked at it I thought I had to keep it because I remember how excited I was to get it. I spent my hard-earned money on that thing! I just about kept it until I remembered that I have about 100 pictures of me in it because I wore it about every day. After thinking back on the crazy hording show…I decided that the hoodie could keep another much smaller girl warm for a while. I did not need that hoodie. I seriously filled that back of my mom’s truck! Old dresses I never wore…shoes from DI that I never wore… jewelry that my mom gave me when I was 12…oh this one is good. So when I was about 12 or 13 my mom gave me a box with some of her old jewelry that was cool when she was 12 or 13…needless to say…I still have the box and the piano-shaped lip gloss and the Hawaiian necklace and the beaded pin necklace she made as well. There were ugly earing things and another very interesting necklace thingy…I don’t even know what to call it. The point is…none of this stuff meant anything to me. I asked my mom if she wanted it or if it meant anything to her and she threw it in the trash!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh how could she??? I thought those things were like..really special or something. She then told me that they were really cool when she was 12 and she thought I would want them when I was 12. I am 21 now and have been carrying them around with me thinking that the empty lip gloss was special and it was trash. Pretty much most of the stuff I have been hauling around is trash. The good thing is…it has found its proper home now…IN THE TRASH CAN OR GOODWILL PILE!!! Ah it feels so good and I really don’t miss a single thing I gave away. I think some people put what I did into the “spring cleaning” category. I needed to “spring clean” like 10 years ago!

The best part of it all was that I found my orthotics for my feet…saved us $350 and my lamby…now that is something that has sentimental meaning and needs to be kept FOREVER!!!  It is probably sad to see how happy I was to see that little lamb.

I think I am addicted to this moving/cleaning/giving stuff to goodwill thing. It consumes my thoughts! I just think of how clean and neat my closet will look when I am done! Ohhhh happy days!

Chol gets home in a few short days! This summer is going to be a party! Assuming I keep my little self out of the hospital! :)

Life is oh so good right now.

Tara Lynn


Rachel Schlappi said...

Oh you know it will be a party!! I can't even wait.
10 days my friend. 10 days!!!

Laura Bayles said...

so I think I need to watch the buried alive show!!

Tami Allred said...

You need to post a pic of your lamby:-)