Thursday, May 12, 2011

Finally Blogging Again...Port happiness/Laguna/17 layer cake/other randomness that has come to me while writing

** I just added pictures...well I did not add them but I am stealing them from Chol and the link is at the very bottom. I guess people like pictures...don't blame them...we are georgeous! :) Just kidding.

Okay yes I have been bad…very bad…at writing on the blog. I am sorry. As a recap… surgery went well and these blessed blue stiches are itching more than ever which I guess is a good sign of healing. I still have my stiches and get them out next Tuesday. I have not been picking at my scab or stiches which may not seem like a big deal but it is for me. I am a major picker and for me to keep my hands off has been huge. I think one reason I have been able to keep my hands off my head is because they have had free range to itch my back, legs, arms, neck and stomach. Last week I developed a wonderful rash. I now have a new med that I am allergic to!!! My antibiotics. I have kept my hands off my head but have apparently itched so much and so hard that I have kept Josh awake all night have now have wonderful blue bruises on my legs from bruising…. At least my head is healing! So I have a new oral antibiotic that I will take three times a day for 14 days. Ahh!!!! There is an end. The doctor is only making me do these to make sure it is gone. My cultures came back really well and showed “no growth” but they want to double make sure so I have nice light blue pills to keep me company wherever I go. Anything is better than that ball I had to carry around with me! The best part about yesterday is that I got the needle out of my chest!!!!! MY PORT IS OFFICALLY DEACTIVATED!!!!!!!! I still have my port…it was surgically placed and will have to be surgically removed but I do not have that friendly 1.5 inch needle in my chest! I am a free woman! I have not really showered since…well…FEBRURARY 15!!! That is a really really long time. I cannot even describe how happy I am to take a shower tonight. I am supposed to wait 24 hours from when I am de-accesed…that will be at about 3:00 TODAY! I don’t have a cord hanging out of my shirt or getting stuck in my clothes. I will not have to stick a rubber band around my neck and then clip it to the port to take a shower (half choking). I will not have a funny sticker with a date stuck to my chest for people to wonder about and I will not have to accidentally run into something and then pay for it the next few hours. The doctors said there was no way I could hurt the port…they obviously don’t know me very well! So that is the best news of the week!

Girl’s trip to Laguna was AMAZING and so relaxing. I could not go in the water but I still managed to have a great time and get a little sun. I have just decided to give up on the whole being tan thing. I am just going to be happy with me.

The trip was a little hard at times because I had to realize that I am not normal. I tried to be normal so hard. I ate sugary foods and I stayed up late. I laughed and even tried to run/ dance in the parking lot. That obviously was not a good decision and now I have some weird pain in my port. I think I stretched an artery or something important like that! I even tried to turn down medicine. I wanted to be like everyone else and not have to take 18,000 pills every day! That didn’t work so well with Dr. Mom and we had to have a nice little heart to heart about the situation. We decided that she has no idea how I feel and I have no idea how she feels. I am just glad that I have a crazy mother who loves me enough to try everything to save my life. She pesters the doctors with questions and reassurance and is willing to try just about anything to help me. Unfortunately, I am a “bad patient” as she calls me and am not so compliant with her meds as opposed to my oncologist or surgeon.

Anyway, back to the trip and the amazing part of it. Mom gave us a portion of money to go shopping with thinking that with that money we would get a complete outfit! Mom…I got like…12! Leave it to the Schlappi’s to have $100 and come out with a pair of gap pants, 9 shirts, 1 jacket, a pack of socks, and four zippers! Now that is a bargain! How I did it??? I still don’t know…the fashion district of LA helped… 1 shirt, 1 jacket, and four zippers cost me 6 dollars there! Okay, enough bragging! :)

I meet with a homeopathic oncologist tomorrow and another doctor but I can’t remember which one…I just know I have two. Anyway, we will see what he has to say about that whole thing. I am doing as wonderful as possible I think. I look at other cancered patients and consider myself extremely lucky. The Lord will never leave me alone.

As an update on my feet. They still burn and sting and all those other wonderful things. At times the heels of my feet get really hot and now my fingertips feel like they have needles in them sometimes. Definitely not fun but hopefully not permanent. I am giving my poor feet “foot baths” and Dr. Mom has other remedies she is trying on them…when I let her. :)


Ahh that day will always be remembered. My mom says it has gone by so slow…I completely disagree…a whole year has passed! What if they had told me I only had a year??!!! You crazy lady! I am loving every bit of my itchy life and hope it continues on and on!

“through faith, this cancer may be rebuked” – Elder Cook

Faith meds first…then Dr. Meds.

Take that silly glioblastoma.

Also, if you want pictures of California and our 16 or 17 layered cake Chol blogged about them and I have attached the link. I think her first two recent ones are about them...the cake is actually pretty funny and Nate Dawg's volleyball game is thrown in a little as well.

enjoy...Chol is hilarious

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