Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I guess three is not my lucky number...maybe four???

Dear Doctor Smith,

            Thank you for being a great surgeon but please for once can I go into your office without a) taking stitches out or b) telling me I need another surgery which will then lead me back to your office for suture removal? Can’t we just have a friendly...”wow Tara, your head is really looking great! Infection/cancer is completely gone and you can go back to normal now!!! Well done!”? Oh that would just be sweet music to my ears.

Yes I am going in for yet another surgery. I think this makes our total 4 thus far...yep four in under a year! May 28 was the first surgery and I was hoping to make it there without another invasion but life is still not fair and I still don’t get everything I want...someday!

Why am I having surgery?? My head just will not heal...mostly because my past medications have just about killed my body’s ability to heal. My body just isn’t as healthy as it once was. The first surgery was easy because I was med free but each one gets a little harder. The doc is going to re culture the infection to see if it has changed at all. He said it could be at the tip of the bone and if it is that would mean at least two more major surgeries. Right now we are begging for your specific prayers again. We need to pray that my body will heal and that the infection will leave. If it does not get better than I cannot have my chemotherapy and I really need to continue that treatment. The doctor plans on tighter stitches that will stay in longer. Unfortunately, I have to continue my vanc! This stuff is really nasty and is starting to have effects on more than just my stomach...my poor feet have become the next victim. We are trying to stop this possible foot damage stuff and are taking foot baths and all that fun stuff...homeopathic route.

Anyway, I guess the bottom line is I am having surgery again on Monday and we really need your prayers. My body can’t handle this much longer.

Thanks much,



Milletts in Houston said...

Oh Tara I'm so sorry! We will be praying for you for sure!!!

Heidi said...

We will definitely do some specific praying on your behalf, Tara. We love you!! Hang in there! (At least your sister will be back, right?)

Huish Family said...

Seriously. Hoping that all we have to worry about in the future is keeping that tumor away! So sorry you are dealing with this stuff. Always here for you and your family if we can do anything at all! In our thoughts and prayers...
Love, The Huish's

Birtcher said...

Wow, another one? You are one tough girl Tara! Bless your little head. Stay strong! ;D
You're amazing -Kacie

Terri Jones said...

Tara, sweetie, just a thought, but I wonder if maybe you could be a little less of a perfect patient. :-) I think your doctors all love you too much!!! Arrrggghhh! I echo Birtcher's thoughts - Bless your pretty little head!! (I put your name in at the Draper temple tonight for another 2 weeks...) I'm sending hugs from a distance, and my most tender, healing thoughts and prayers for you. Love you, Tara. We're all here for you.