Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quilt Raffle; not Auction

After some consulting with various friends, I think it's best to "raffle" this quilt instead of "auction" it.  I will sell tickets in increments of $5.  You can buy as many as you would like.  I tried several times to create a "button" on the blog which would donate easily through PayPal; but was unsuccessful!  So, I know this is harder; but you can send a check or cash to me and I will put tickets in the raffle for you.  I think this will be the best way to raise the most funds for brain cancer research.  If you have a PayPal account; you can also send the funds easily to my email address via your email address. Just log in to your PayPal account, then click "send money" and they will show you how to do it.  I promise not to embezzle any funds, and I am donating the cost of the fabric and the quilting myself and not getting reimbursed.  Every single penny will go to the AOS Foundation to further brain cancer research.  Believe me, we need more treatments available to fight this glioblastoma!!!  You can also drop $ off to me here anytime - I will create a box in my entryway.  I will end the raffle on June 1st - so that gives you plenty of time to spread the word.  I will try to post better pictures soon - the previous pictures just don't do justice to the quilt!

Thanks for all your kind emails, prayers, and love being sent our way.  I have faith when Dr. Smith goes in on Monday; he will not have to remove the bone and Tara's body will be able to heal itself.... with all these prayers going in her behalf, it just HAS to happen!  I must admit I had to fight back tears in his office again. I can't cry when Tara is watching; and she continues to buoy me up with her positive attitude. She's the one going through this pain again, why is it so hard for me to accept?  She seems to accept it just fine...  We just have to manage the pain better this time around.  We won't leave the hospital within hours of the surgery; we'll make sure pain meds get down Tara and STAY DOWN before leaving!  I brought up the fact that I'm planning a trip with my daughters May 3 for 3 1/2 precious days and "please can you plan around that?"  Dr. Smith reassured me he would not get in the way of our girl's trip!  So, one week after surgery; we plan to leave town.  I hope Tara gets her strength back quickly!!

Love you all!  Happy ticket buying!


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Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

There was a paypal button on here yesterday. I didn't click on it, but it was there. We've been saying specific prayers again for Tara, instead of general ones. We hope it all goes well on Monday!