Wednesday, June 1, 2011

She's off antibiotics!

Happy days!

Thursday was Tara's last dose of antibiotics! Now her stomach can attempt to return to something resembling normal, I hope. She has lost a few more pounds; and I'd like to see some of that weight return to her. So very many foods just don't sound good to her anymore. Many times we have to just give up on eating healthy and just find something that will go down! Last week it was Little Caesar's pizza - twice! Go figure. Yucky Little Caesar's hit her spot... she's off Mexican, Thai, and back to bland basics; except for that pizza. Travis has been home for 3 weeks, and one day his "assignment" was to take Tara some lunch and get her to eat. So, he brought Little Caesar's; and it meant so much to Tara just that he would come over to her house and "have lunch". He also accompanied us to a doctor day; so that was great also.

We escaped last weekend to the mountains near Payson for a 2 1/2 day camping trip. We had decided not to go; but all Tara has to do is flash her smile and her beautiful brown eyes at her Dad, and off we go camping. Scott had a few hours on Friday to prepare for camping, and couldn't resist Tara. Anything to make his daughter smile. So, all 10 of us hung out in the mountains, did pretty much nothing strenuous, played lots of ROOK, ate lots of Dutch Oven cooking (Tara actually had 2 bowls of dutch oven stew!!!)and tried to enjoy sleeping in tents. We went to a small branch of our church that Sunday; and that was a neat experience also. It was just great to have all of us together for a few days without any distractions from technology!

Tara has actually worked 2 days in a row! That has to be a record - she hasn't done that since February 13th, so I'm thinking that's a good sign. She does still need naps during the day at work - but that's to be expected! Her head did leak AGAIN on Friday; but I'm hoping it's just because the scab finally broke off and therein resulted in some leakage. We weren't too thrilled to see that again. We are so looking forward to going to Lake Powell on July 22nd, and Tara needs to be able to GET IN THE WATER. Hopefully 6 weeks is enough time to heal. Whoever thought it would take 4 months for this infection to heal??? Crazy. We just never know what is around the corner. We just keep living a day at a time. I am hoping Tara will start to feel good enough to do the healthy eating again, and get some supplements down her that will help build her body up again. Chemo starts June 14th again, provided all is well. I don't even know anymore how many rounds of chemo she has left. My guess is she'll finish around November.

We made it through all the painful memories of last year, May 14th, May 28th, the pathology report day, now the good memories are coming - the wedding on June 12th. The fairytale reception all our friends put on for Tara & Josh.

Hopefully Tara will be back to blogging again herself soon - - I think sometimes she just gets sick of thinking about her "cancer" and wants to be normal and forget about it all and doesn't blog.

Thank you all for your continued support! Love you all!


PS - It's time for me to wrap up the quilt raffle - so if you want some tickets; please email me in the next 2 days.... and I can put you down for some tickets. or you can send me a message on facebook.

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