Tuesday, June 7, 2011

waiting in the office

We have never had to really wait for the doctor but today we have been sitting here for an hour. I decided to see if I could blog on a phone. Man, I miss my keyboard. My thoughts just fly so much faster than my fingers and my poor phone has no chance of keeping up with me and my crazy mind. Headaches keep happening but mom thinks it is because I don't eat enough...hopefully she is right! They keep calling names - every other doctor but Smith... That means Smith is stuck with someone... I just want to get this over with... I am nervous for my MRI because if my headaches and nerves are doing this because... Surprise surprise... My head has a hole in it and it is leaking... Ahhhh I am so ready for my head to just heal!!!

It is sad to see all the people in here. There are way too many people who need to see a nuero surgeon... Some have spine issues and wear neck braces while others have scars that match mine... I feel for them. Hopefully their heads can heal. Little kids are not supposed to be in here... They just look so innocent. Ah it kills me to see them in here. Men with patches over their eyes. I don't really like this office...

Well I made it out alive and with decent news and now I am waiting to go into my favorite place...the infusion center!!! Where there is free food, comfy chairs, and happy people. It does not smell like hospital food and they never deliver bad news here! I am here so they can flush my port and take some blood. This way I can avoid home health nurses!!!

So Smith said that things were not looking too bad but he had hoped I would have healed more. I don't have any stitches anymore...only took a month and a half to get them out!!!! I will get to see him again next week along with Shapiro, the MRI machine and Brachtman. ..Who, Terri agrees, looks like Wilson off house...looks like it will be a long day next week. Smith said that tumors do not cause headaches until they get huge and I just had an MRI in April so he is not too worried...music to my ears. Looks like no surgeries for me!! Lets see if we can go two months in a row!! Life is great!!! It is so much easier to breathe knowing that my headaches are not because of the tumor coming back. Well, nurse is here!!

Tara B.

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Julie said...

Tara, I woke up this morning and thought about you. I'm so proud of how strong and courageous you've been this last year. Hope you know that you are still in my prayers, I love you!

Julie (LeSueur) Lorenzen