Monday, June 6, 2011

I am more than cancer

Well I have not written in a while. Things have been fairly uneventful which is a good thing in the cancer world. I am still healing from the surgery in April. My scabs keep coming and then falling off and then new ones appear. Don’t know if this is good or bad…we will find out tomorrow. I still have some stiches in from the April surgery and I am convinced that I hold a record for longest time with non-disposable stiches in head. It has been a month and a half or something ridiculous like that! I am unbelievably tired most of the time but I am still able to do important things like shopping and such! My body size keeps changing like crazy so I never get pants or shorts but it is still fun to look! Last summer I froze every day…not so much this summer. I have actually sweated already! Big thing for me. Being cold in Arizona during the summer has serious advantages but when you are shivering outside in an Arizona summer…you start to get really really odd looks. No shivering thus far. I don’t know when chemo will be again but I do know that I will never have to take it with those evil antibiotics again. Many of you may know of Stephanie Neilson. If not, you really should get to know her story. She is incredibly inspiring. She was in a near fatal plane crash and burned 80% of her body. I will attach her blog site so you can visit it if you would like. She has been on Oprah and has a very popular blog. She lives in Utah but has been recognized by Arizona newspapers as well. Yesterday I watched part of her movie and she said something that really hit me. She said, "I am Stephanie and I am not my body”. She may not look the same and be able to do the same things she was able to before but she still knows who she is. I feel like sometimes Cancer has become who I am. Sometimes I feel like it is my life. Yesterday she helped me remember that just because my body has cancer, doesn’t mean I do. I am so much more than the young girl who has cancer. My body has cancer…or should I say HAD!!! (positive thinking) I am Tara and cancer cannot define me.


Heidi said...

Glad things are quiet!! I hope they continue that way! (Glad you've remembered that you are still Tara and not the cancer-- we've never forgotten :-)

Anonymous said...

Tara, I love this post! I'm so glad we could hang out with you Saturday and do normal stuff! I miss having you and Josh for dinner! Hope the bbq was so fun Saturday with your friends. Love you,Momma Bodrero