Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have been sitting here for about 15 minutes trying to put off taking my medicine. CLINDAMYCIN= evil drug that I despise. I take it three times a day and I get rather sick three times a day. I am supposed to take it at 2 today and it is 2:20...think I am doing a pretty good job at this procrastination! :) Last week I took my temodar and the evil drug and a few times thought I was going to die. I still look like a zombie sometimes when I walk and woke up with a panic attach the other night at about 3:40 AM. I hate hate hate this drug but can't seem to tell the doctors this. I go to the office and pretend I am superwoman again. Oh, it is not too bad I say. They think I can do anything!:) I don't tell them all the way how I feel because I want the medicine. I want this stuff because the sicker it makes me, the healthier it makes me. I have completed one more round of chemo and have more than half the rounds done! I just do not like this stuff and I am going to sit here and complain all I want to! Just counted...7 more pills to take! That is 2 more today and 3 tomorrow which leaves me with... only half a day the next day! Okay, enough complaining.

Really as an update on me.

I have lost a bit more weight due to taste issues and obviously have had a few issues with my meds. I think my rash is finally going away along with the bruises I gave myself from itching so much. Everything looks like it is going to be uphill.

My hair continues to thicken and grow in length! Dr. Smith took out two more stitches today and I think I have two left! It has been a month since my last surgery and May is looking like it could be a surgery free month!!!

Jan.= ER with breathing problems
Feb. 15 = surgery #2
March 25 = surgery #3
April 25 = surgery #4

I hope to continue this trend. I really hope the only other surgery I ever have to have is to take this port out of my chest. 6 sounds like a good total number to me.

Okay it is about 2:32 and I really need to take that little bugger...wish me luck


Rachel Schlappi said...

homeslice. thanks for posting. Being bored at work isn't so bad when I have breaks to read updates on your bloggy blog blog. Anway. I love you and you pretty much are amazing. Also, lets find a new food network show to get hooked on. Okay great!!

Jen said...

Tara you are awesome. I went to school with your brother and I have been keeping tabs on you.
You are such inspiration to so many.
You rock and my prayers are always with you :)

Avon said...

((((HUGS)))) Tara. You are always in my thoughts and prayers

Daily Johnson said...

Tara! I haven't told you lately... but Thank-you! You are amazing! - Daily Johnson