Monday, January 3, 2011

Tumor Board Results/ New Years/ Dunes Trip

We got the call from the tumor board and all looks well for another two months. They think that I am stable and that I should continue treatments for two more months and then have another scan. I am hoping that the collapsed cavity turns into something wonderful. I guess we can say that it is good news from the tumor board…the only weird thing is that the doctor does not think I am on Avastin! It is a war between the doctor and the nurses. I guess it doesn’t really matter, I just hate not knowing.

Anyway, with a new year here I have begun again to set new goals. In years past I seem to always set the same goals. Make new friends, get straight A’s, get in better shape, be more earnest in prayers and scripture reading, and finally…better control my emotions. Weird but those seemed to be my goals every year…this year things are different and my goals have become a bit different! :) Here are a few and yes, I will need help fulfilling some of them!

Tara Bodrero 2011- Closer to Heaven

1. Beat Cancer

2. Improve physically so I can run a mile again

3. Go back to only cheating (sweet food wise) to twice a week

4. Finish the Book of Mormon again by my birthday

5. Find one person a week to serve

6. Come closer to Heaven in every way but physically! :) My body needs to stay here.

7. Continue blogging and making new friends

8. Find a way to reach out to another woman who is losing or has lost her hair…I will find you…my new friend!

9. Keep and attitude of gratitude

10. Start saving for my future puppy

11. Read President Monson’s book

12. Drink Green Smoothie and Brain Link

Happy New Year and Christmas to all. I am excited to start this New Year. 2009 was the hardest year of my life and 2010 was the most life-changing and scary year of my life. 2011 will be the most blissful year full of health and love! :) oh the beauty of positive thinking!

Oh and the family took a trip to the dunes this Christmas and Josh better learned how crazy we really are. He does not quite understand why we do it but he smiled the whole time and did great for his first time. He only fell off once and did not harm the machine at all. He jokes with us saying that when something happens we always check the machine and then asks how we are doing…we are so concerned with saving the machine!

He learned that when on vacation with the Schlappi’s you do not have personal space. Your bed becomes others in a matter of minutes and yes, it may be your pillow…but that doesn’t mean that we can’t throw it in the microwave to help it stay open so we can hook our projector screen to it! It may sound weird but pictures will explain as soon as Chol gets them up! :)

Our family just loves being really really close with limited running water…almost 0 gallons hot water and less than 15 hours of electric power total! Josh and I’s bed was the kitchen this trip…we didn’t have an oven but my mom packed food that needed to go in the oven! Disaster???? I think not! :) Why not put the muffins in an electric skillet that can only go on top of the sleeping space because that is the closest to an outlet? Why not cook everything you have in that skillet or in the 2 by 4 inch wanna be toaster oven?

There is no table??? That’s okay we will use three TV dinner stands instead…one of which is broken and if you move…it falls down! We will put them together and then put a cutting board on top so we can increase our surface area for when we play games. Games are of utmost importance to mom!

No pitcher to make juice? That’s okay we will use the pan to make our juice in…but wait…we need that pan to cook our dinner! Drink fast Trav and Josh we need that juice all gone and we will not waste any of it!

Who cares if your gloves don’t match or if they were picked up off the side of the road by Dad? And those famous (incredibly ugly) green coats Dad has kept for years are surprisingly really warm. Unfortunately for Trav they do not have dune camo… he did look great in his full on camo green though! It made him easy to find at all times! :) Oh how I love my family.

Okay maybe we are crazy…we just always do the dunes on a budget and have no problem being a little bit…different! :)

Hopefully I can steal pictures from my loverly sister in the next week! Twas a trip to remember.



Oh, I forgot to mention how we celebrated New Years earlier than everyone else...why? So we could watch Lost! We are so lame! We all gave toasts and mine went to my eggs...may they live long and prosper!

Okay now I am done!!!




Rachel Schlappi said...

hahahaha... I love you :)
this post made me happy. I will post the pictures soon!!

Sarah Beck said...

Tara! I love your new goals :) The one about finding another women who has lost her hair due to cancer, I may be able to help you out. My cousin was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic leukemia (APL) about 2 months ago and has been in the hospital ever since. She was in her last semester of BYU and it has been a roller coaster ride of treatments for her and keeping her stable. You are so inspiring to other people and if you'd like to follow her blog it is and I'm sure she would appreciate a few encouraging words from someone like you. You are the best and such a great example to all of us!!

Milletts in Houston said...

LOVE this post!