Monday, December 27, 2010

Tumor Board Today/I miss my Laura

Today is tumor board and we are supposed to hear the news...hopefully Dr. Shapiro remembers to call us. I am a little nervous but I think the worst thing they could tell us is get on a plane and head for San Fran. Yes sounds bad because of surgery but I would get to see Muir Woods again...I am trying to be positive.

Today I would like to let you meet one of my best friends. Laura Denise Bayles

Laura and I met in the 6th grade at Bush Elementary. She moved into our ward in the summer...right before my birthday. I remember going to Sunday School and someone telling me that there was a new cute girl in our class and that she was not just visiting! That made Emily and I very happy. There were not many girls our age in our neighborhood...just Emily and I until Laura came along and what a joy she has been. Laura came to my birthday party that year...and we have been friends ever since. We made it through Elementary School Junior High and then High School. Laura was always a bright spot in my life. I knew I would have a good time when Laura was around. Her smile/laugh was contagious and I could not help but be happy whenever I was around her. I looked forward to girls camp because I knew Laura would be there and she would never leave me alone. She is the type of girl who includes everyone and makes everyone feel good about themselves. She is a girl who truely cares about others and service is a part of her life she may not recognize because she just does it constantly. Laura is a perfect example of one who constantly shows Christ love. Her hugs are unforgetable and I love her.

Here are just a few pictures I gathered from facebook of my girl Laura...if I would have checked my mothers computer we would have found pictures from that birthday party along with many many other scary pictures of us growing up. Laura is leaving to serve a mission to Cambodia! She leaves on Saturday but last night was my last hug for a while. Maybe I cried.

You can tell she is full of life and love. Imma miss you Laura. I will never forget your kindness and love. Hug all the Cambodians for me and share that smile. I will never forget in church when you shared one of your favorite quote...I don't know it exactly but it was something like, "Never stop smiling because you never know who is falling in love with your smile"

I will make it 18 months...I will be here when you get back and I want another Laura hug as soon as you get home. I love you Laura and I will miss you more than you know. I will do whatever it takes to be here when you get home...I will be the first one in the church to hear your homecoming talk...with a smile on my face. Thanks for letting me be a part of your life. Love ya girl...



Lynette said...

So that made me cry...again! I have been tearing up since Sunday night everytime I think of you and Laura hugging goodbye. That was the saddest thing I have ever seen. Tara, you have been such a good friend to Laura and she loves you dearly...just like me, and yes - you will still be here in 18 months to give her a hello hug!!! I look forward to that day. Love ya

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