Wednesday, January 12, 2011


For the past few days all I have wanted is breakfast!

Saturday we had breakfast for breakfast and then had breakfast for a second breakfast… For lunch we had a normal boring lunch but for dinner Saturday night…we had breakfast! :) Sunday morning we had to have breakfast for breakfast again and then had breakfast for Sunday lunch at the Bodrero’s. Unfortunately we dinner for dinner that night but come Monday morning I was up making breakfast again!! Silly lunch for lunch yesterday but best of all…last night Josh and I made supurb breakfast for dinner!

Here is what we had...


Eggs+ Crepes+ Toast + Sausage+ Hasbrowns+ Pancakes+ Cranberry Juice+ Milk= complete bliss and happiness!

Lately Josh and I have become “foodies”! The only thing we ever watch is food network.

We loved master chef (pictures above) but we have finished the first season and the second season is coming out week by week, treacherous! Whitney was the first winner and she was my girl the whole way. She is 22 and from the south and she just really is the cutest thing. The judges were afraid that she would be to timid and could not handle the pressure but to get a little older and then tried. Her sister then reassured the judges that she was fiesty and could fight and win. I was going for her the whole way. She scared us a few times but came out on top...ya the little girl from the south beat them all! Go Whitney! You can hear Josh and I (mostly I) yelling that from time to time at night when we are cheering her on. Season one was grand as far as season two... I hate waiting for episodes to come out! I always just watch the whole season at once. Because we became frustrated at the lack of instant gratification Master Chef was giving us (going week by week…eww) we have switched to Top Chef. We finished Season One Just Desserts and now am on to the next season. Iron Chef makes in into our schedule every so often but we really like the top chef. I think the thing we love most is how weird the judges are. They are so dramatic and pick at every little thing! So now Josh and I think we know everything and pick at everything! We add salt to a dish like we know what we are doing and have to taste everything before we plate it to make sure the judges don’t rip apart our meal. We plated things last night when we were down to the last seconds…and barely made it. We of course dramatized everything and once we were done preparing our meal we ate it, just like them. We took tiny bites and then looked like we were trying to taste everything…we analyzed how it was cooked and with much drama…decided it looked…perfect! Only you foodies will understand! Chol… We then gave up eating like judges and reverted to pigs! We scarfed everything on our plate and completely enjoyed it! Josh of course helped me with the dishes and then we went to relax.

Our version of relaxing is doing a puzzle until your neck is about to fall off because you have been looking down so long and then laying down in our bedroom with our 90 inch projector and watching food network! It very well could have been one of the best nights ever!

I don’t think I could ever get sick of breakfast…I will have to attach my crepe recipe…ah to die for a completely Tara Friendly! (Definition of Tara Friendly = no sugar, white flour, oils, table salt!) To tell you the truth I kinda make it up as I go. Sometimes…I will follow a basic recipe from my favorite site and then add what I want… I of course have to make the dish “mine”… (another foodie thing)

Breakfast, puzzles, food network…can life get better?


Caleb and Lindsey said...

Holy cow, Tara. I LOVE the food network too! Have you ever seen chopped? That's one of my fave's. Glad to hear life is going so well!

Rachel Schlappi said...

I'm SOO glad you watched master chef!!! It's so intense right? ah, I want to go back and watch that season again... I love whitney :) and I almost spoiled the winner for you that one time we were talking about it.
and linds. I LOVE chopped :) So so good!

Jaimie said...

Tara, I loved your last post. But know I'm having a dilema...You know how you guys are coming over for dinner tomorrow????Well guess what's on the menu...Yes another breakfast nite, Quiche, fruit, and hash browns!!!!! Hope that's o.k. Love you guys. Momma Bodrero