Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beautiful pin cushions

I received the title of  "the most beautiful pin cushion" two days ago after being stuck approximately 6 times in 72 hours. First was a weekly blood test followed by a nice shot in the rear. The next day was made complete by an ER trip where they stuck me once more to get blood and then twice to place an IV...the first time they missed. I spared myself another stick by refusing to let them take out my IV when I left. I assured them that I would just walk to the third floor and get my chemo...I was not after drugs or anything else stupid. Seeing my awesome haircut, they believed me and let me go. I have a few new bruises to add to my collection and another memory of the ER. After receiving the depo drug shot (a shot from the ob-gyn to make me stop having periods), I had some sort of reaction (we think) that led me to have pain when I breathe. I had a sleepless night and the next morning called our faithful Terri who told us to head to the ER..I could have blood clots! Great, this was my day off and I had 100 other things I wanted to do and ER was not on the list! Since I walked in I was not an emergency ER patient, I was just an ER patient who needed an Xray and ct scan and could not get one done any other way besides going into the ER. Lame but I made it. We have learned that it takes about 5 hours to ever talk to a doctor so my mother and I brought our stitchery! (chol I know you would love to know!) We could have sewed a whole quilt in the time we have spent waiting for fact, my mom almost has. The trip was uneventful and our outcome was blood clots! I continued on up three levels to get my infusion and then to Dr. personal favorite. He loves to explain things and make you feel comfortable. He gives you hope in all things and makes sure that you leave his office with all questions answered. Truly a wonderful doctor. He explained more about the scan and confirmed that he also, was not worried. What has happened was not what they had hoped, but that doesn't mean just means different. He said I should be fine and that it should not affect me much...each body heals differently. The ER and depo shot left me pretty sore but today I have been up more with a bigger smile! I am just so glad that we eliminated the worst thing that it could be...we can handle what it really is later. Nothing life threatening.

So I am now officially the most beautiful pin cushion according the my parents and Josh. What a title...don't think I will add that to my resume.

Dr. checked my hair follicles and said they are ALL coming back! Big deal to me and I am extremely happy. I am a little worried about getting all my hair back though. I never have had so many compliments on my hair until I lost it all! Will people still think I am beautiful when it is back??? (were they just being nice? :))  Do but kinda don't care what people think...I will have all my hair back and am going for the long locks again as soon as possible! :) Short/no hair has been great but I am ready for my security blanket back!

Well that's my update.

Hopefully this week brings only one shot!

Only 8 months left! :) I can do it.

Enjoy your Sunday


Oh and are an awesome family.


Susan said...

Love you, love you, love you, Tara and Josh! Thanks for coming to visit!

Anonymous said...

Tara - so sad that you have to go through all of this, but so proud of you for your great attitude and resiliency. We're all behind you as you beat this. Love you and your family.

Jason, Denell, McKinley, Sierra, Whitney, and Everest Stratton.

Leserlee said...

Hoorary for hair! Sorry about having to be a pin cushion. Bummer.