Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do you live to eat or eat to live?

Do you live to eat or eat to live?

For me this varies all the time. Right now, I eat to live. Eating has been harder than usual lately. I tend to just put something down there because I know that I need to. I can’t stand the smell of meat and anything but water tastes funny…even my water tastes dirty sometimes. I tell myself that ice cream will make it all better but then I remember my new goal…twice a week cheating on food…not twice a day!  I am sure that it will all come back but it is just weird right now to not want food because I constantly ate the rest of my life. Sometimes food makes me sick and that could be one of the worst things about chemo. I still drink tons of water which helps most of the time. Since the new year I have drunk all the green smoothies given to me. Thankfully, my mom did not have time this morning so I was spared another day!  I have to five my mom a hard time about those!

I enjoyed Nate’s game yesterday and Brig and I always make sure Nate knows that we are there! People all around know who Nate’s number one fans are…that funny bald girl who always is in fancy clothes and that adorable (semi stubborn) stud next to her. I am still in the process of designing our number one fan shirts but I am sure they will be top notch! We yell “go nate” when all else is quiet or when the other team is shooting free-throws. He never acknowledges us but he knows we are there. He is not supposed to acknowledge us so he does well but we make it hard! Watching Nate still remains one of the highlights of my week. I think I am bothered by the noise and commotion of the games though. Every time I get sick after…but it is always worth it. I think it is the pom poms in my face and the running back and forth…my eyes can’t keep up!  Stapley won AGAIN!! I am definitely a proud sister…sometimes I am not shy and let everyone know…”yup, that’s my brother!”

Haven’t broken any resolutions…yet. Won’t be long though!

Happy Wednesday…may my blood tests show that enough Dilantin is in my system so I don’t have to take any more of that nasty stuff!


Tara B.

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Heidi said...

Well, I hope healthy food starts tasting yummy again. Fingers crossed, it makes it so much easier to get it chewed up!

Nate is lucky to have big sisters like you and Rachel.