Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving thoughts from Tara

Wow I can't believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone. Time really does fly...been six months since I walked out of the hospital in San Fran. Can you believe how much has happened in six months? In six months I have practically become a brain expert, gotten married, lost all my hair, moved three times, endured six rounds of chemo, barely lived through radiation, made a million new friends, been blessed by an apostle, and gained a new appreciation for life. Today I was thinking about life again...big surprise! :) How lucky am that I am young and strong and ready to fight this fight. Many older folks would just toss in the towel...right now it is not time for me to do that. Right now it is time for me to fight...fight for my life. I did not realize how stubborn I was until now. I am glad I am stubborn and not willing to give up. While going through cancer treatments you usually are faced with more than a dozen reasons or oppurtunities to give up...I faced one of those this last week...and guess who won!

This past week I have learned the horrid side effects of being constipated. I really don't want to go into detail but I will say that I now have gained more empathy for constipated people...see good things do come from bad things! Now I can fully say that I understand and that I am sorry!  It was a miserable week but I won. What have I learned from last week's trial...

1. Don't wait until you are sick to start taking meds. If the doctors tell you to take them...don't think you will be fine...take them!
2. Your mom is unfortunately...usually right
3. Green Smoothies are helpful
4. Josh is the most amazing man in the world
5. I will never make that mistake again.

Once again I have learned that the best way to learn is by making mistakes...:) Glad that mistake is over.

Sorry I have been gone for a while. It is no fun to write when you don't feel well...just know that I am all better now and we are seeing major happiness happening on top of my head!

Please pray for Chuck Buckhannon...his surgery is the 13th and he needs comfort. It is kinda interesting that the two people sick in my neighborhood are both sick with brain cancer. I really did not want a Temodar buddy but if it is to be is great to have Chuck as my companion! We were exchanging texts after he found out about the tumor and this is what he said and I completely agree.

"I am not nervous. God knows what He is doing."

Give yourself to the works better that way.

Forgive 70 times 7 please...I know I have been a bad writer but I will try to do better! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and thanks for sharing this journey with me...only 8 months left!

Oh and my next scan is the 23rd of this month. On that day I see every doctor I have...well almost.

Shapiro - Neuro-oncologist
Brachman - Radiation oncologist
Infusion - nurses for avastin placebo (clinical trial)
Temodar - Brain Chemo starts again
Shiflet - homeopathic doctor
Scan - doctor man who does it and gives me that cool blue dye!

That should be enough doctors for that day and then CHRISTMAS EVE!!!

All I want for Christmas is a clean scan! Santa can't bring me what I want this year...only Christ.

Merry Christmas


Tara Bodrero


Aunt Jean said...

We will all be on your team that day too Tara!

Jeni said...

Missed you Tara - so glad to see that you are still so positive. A true inspiration! We are still praying for you in SA. Love "The Bells"

Milletts in Houston said...

We will be praying for you like we always do! Good luck! Maybe we will run into you while we are in town for Christmas!