Friday, December 24, 2010

Back to the Tumor Board

I did not read my moms post so sorry if this is repeat. Yesterday I had my scan and the results sent me back to the Tumor Board where 25 to 40 doctors will review my current scan. That black whole we talked about...that needed to stay there...isn't there but he is not sure that it is regrowth. He (being Dr. Shapiro) is perplexed about the whole thing. He said that he has seen it before but he is not sure what it is. My mom probably did not tell you that they were considering taking me off temodar just in case I have to have a surgery soon. I almost feel like we will be heading back to San Fran sometime next year. He said that they cannot know what it is until they open me up and take it out but they do not want to do that. Dr. did end up putting me on Temodar and as for today I have not been unblinded for the trial. We really don't know anything yet but Dr. said that he would call us Monday night. I sure hope he remembers. It was weird to be ni the office and to hear him call me in on tumor board. I have a special case number and everything. So we are praying that Monday does not send me into surgery, The good thing is...I won't lose much hair if they have to shave it! :) Dr. says he really doesn't care about my hair. he said he likes me too and he thinks I am cute ( not in the freaky way). We have a special little bond my oncologist and I and at the end of the appointment I got to give him a hug while everyone else did the boring hand shake thing. I figured it is a good thing that my oncologist likes me...maybe he will be more encouraged. I will now forever on...suck up to my doctors...:) ha!

Merry Chrstmas everyone. I have not written in a long while but it has been a rough couple of weeks. Life goes on and I am still thankful for everyday. Every sunrise, sunset and rain. I love this world so much and I am thankful for my time. Remember Christ this season...I never realized this before but when people write or say Xmas, they are doing exactly what Satan wants...cross out Christ and put a big fat X. When did X become a replacement for Christ. I was definitely one of those who would abbreviate it without even thinking... it is kinda sad.

Anyway Merry Christmas

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Heidi said...

Well, I will keep praying that you do not have to have surgery again. Though if you do, I'm sure it will be in your best interest--

Take care of yourself (and Josh), and Merry Christmas!!