Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Scan

This is Becky - Tara promised to update sometime soon; but she's just so busy right now... she wanted to make sure some news got on the blog; so here I go.
First of all, let me say how much our family really appreciates all those prayers in Tara's behalf and our family's behalf.  I can assure you we need them and feel the power of prayer.  Every scan is somewhat nerve wracking; but I was able to be at peace today going into the scan and doctor's appointment.  I know that is because of prayers.  We have been so touched as we hear stories of constant prayers in Tara's behalf.  I know our prayers are constant - it's always in our hearts; and we know there are many who struggle with health issues, and we feel for you.  We likely feel for you as we never have before....

Brain tumors are strange phenomenons.  It's hard to compare your tumor with the "norm".  Scott kept asking Shapiro today about what the "common" or other results are from others; and we couldn't get a good answer; because every person and every tumor is so different.  So, today inside Tara's brain we saw instead of a "black hole" a collapsed version of that hole.  Shapiro said it resembles a flower that has collapsed; which isn't necessarily bad. We were told a few months ago that hole should always stay empty; because they didn't want any tumor to grow back in that spot.  So, in that spot, we now see some fluid still ( there was fluid last scan) and we also saw "enhancements" - all I can say is it is "white stuff" in that area that Shapiro said has increased.  Scott & I wish NOTHING was going on inside that brain other than the fluid to disappear; but some of this could be good.  Because the tumor area has collapsed; it is now smaller.  Shapiro is going to present the MRI to the "tumor board" on Monday and then call us. The tumor board is a group of 25-40 doctors who review these scans and make a decision.  There is a chance Tara will need further surgery; but Shapiro said that the area in the brain with the enhancements would be "easy" to get out.  My mother's heart doesn't want Tara to go through surgery again; and I don't want anything happening inside her brain; but I learned months ago that this is not up to me. I can't write the script on this one. This is a lesson in patience and prayer for all of our family.  So, Shapiro said he would tell us when to worry; and he said not to worry now; so I'm trying really hard to be obedient and not worry.

Tara continues to smile through all of this.  She has experienced some more headaches the past 2 weeks; likely due to that fluid still inside her brain; but she says they're "not bad." I'm thinking "bad" is relative...  She is also tired from the Dilantin (seizure med); but Shapiro said she can now take all 4 pills at night so hopefully she won't be so tired during the day.  She starts round 4 of chemo tonight and we pray she won't be as sick as she was last month.  She is just happy to be here and to be in love with "her Joshua" and to have Christmas with her family.  She looks really cute with her new hair sprouting.  (she's always cute; but the hair is exciting!)

We came home from Barrows and drank our sparkling apple cider we saved to celebrate and we celebrated "life with Tara!"  We're just happy to be together for Christmas and to have Travis and Rachel here with us also.  That means on a semi regular basis; 10 people can be found at this house!  WOW!  I love it!

Thank you all so much for all your prayers and your "adoption" of Tara into your lives.  It's so much easier to get through this with our family and friends and those we don't even know who are praying for us.  What a great support group you are!


Heidi said...

Well, I'd say that if Dr. Shapiro is saying not to worry, that's good news. Thanks for the update, I was wondering.

Of course you guys are still in our prayers-- love you all.

From our Home to yours said...

Becky! Thank you for updating. I check back often. Merry CHRISTmas to you and your whole family. Prayers still going out to all of you that you will get through this! LOVE!

Jeni said...

Still thinking of you all and pray for your family - Merry Christmas with love