Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This is Becky.

Sunday in church; all of the women in the room said in two words what they were thankful for - my words were "each day."  I have really learned to love each day and treasure our days.  Last week was a treasure.  We were lucky enough to have Rachel & Travis home from college; along with Scott's mother and his sister's family.  It was so wonderful to have a house full of people again!  We really enjoyed our Thanksgiving together.

Wednesday before Thanksgiving we had a big "doctor day" again and unfortunately, Tara started chemo again Wednesday (along with another dosage of the clinical trail chemo) and so she wasn't feeling too hot during our break with everyone here; but she participated in our activities when she could.  Somehow she made it shopping at midnight for Black Friday; but I think the surge of willpower to do that event sapped her for the rest of the week.  But, we are moving on; chemo is done for the month again and she should start to regain some of her energy.  I'm getting used to these monthly cycles - the good part is that the months are ticking by.  The more months that tick by; the closer we are to finishing this 14 month treatment.

I learned some more from Dr. Shapiro last week.  I haven't been too excited about Tara taking Dilantin for a year; but Dr. Shapiro explained why it is necessary; so I'm more resolved about it.  He said once your brain has a seizure; it is more likely to have a seizure again.  The brain finds the pathway for the first seizure; then that pathway is more easily followed the second time around, and so forth.  He also said that seizures can lead to paralysis; so I very quickly jumped on board of the pill taking at that point.  Previous to this moment, I was happy when Tara forgot to take her Dilantin and had a great day all day without tirednesss; but now, I am grateful for Dilantin and Tara is getting used to it.  She just really needs her sleep!!!  So, in a year from now we are looking forward to being medicine free in all ways.  But if not, some people take seizure medicine always and seem to function normally; so that's reasssuring.  So, on we go throughout this medicine cycle.  I have to remember to be grateful for the medicines - that they are killing those cancer cells in the brain.

Things I love and I'm grateful for this week:

The Lord
The opportunity to just LOOK at my college kids and have them around me.  I miss them so much!
Hugs and smiles from Brigham when he sees "grandma".
My married kids living close to our house so we can see them often
Relatives that came to our home
The chance to be around Tara and see her smile & feel of her great spirit
A body that works right
A great husband who provides so well for me
I'm glad Nate can play basketball and there is no permanent problem with his shoulder - he's just growing!
Doctors and technology

That's enough..... I could go on and on; but I will spare you.  I am very grateful chemo is done for a few weeks.  I'm grateful Tara is here and we are all alive and well.

One last note - Tara's choir sang in church Sunday and it was a definite musical highlight (I think) for her - she'll have to talk about it; but the song sounded like REAL music and it was filled with the Spirit. (you who know me know that is a very high compliment - the REAL music part).  Her energy level was not high; but she made it through Sunday and the choir performance. She did a fabulous job conducting a fairly difficult song and we are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our ward who come to choir and support Tara.  She is easy to love!  Thanks to all of you who sang with us Sunday!!

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