Friday, November 19, 2010

Rex --- a new angel

 I am a blog stalker...there I said it. Lately I have been blog stalking a little boy named Rex. Rex is a little boy who was diagnosed with DIPG, t is a brain tumor as well. I have been following this little guy and recently...he became an angel. The doctors did not think that he would make it to the birth of his new baby sister but he made it longer than expected and the family was able to get a few pictures with him before he passed on to be with his Heavenly Father and sweet Sadie Huish who also suffered from a DIPG. If these pictures don't make you cry I don't know what will. Hus funeral is next week. Ah it is so sad to see these little guys suffer. I am glad he got to hold his sister.

He loved Toy Story and loved "To Infinity and Beyond" They have translated his special saying to "To eternity and Beyond" What a sweet angel


Sarah Beck said...

Tara! This is my husband's cousin's little boy. He was the sweetest boy and it is a huge blessing that he got to be with his little sister for a short time. It was really tough to watch him slowly decline, but it is a great comfort to know he is not in any pain anymore and is in the arm's of our Heavenly Father. You are so sweet to blog about him! You are amazing Tara, keep hanging in there!

Huish Family said...

Thanks for honoring Rex with your post, Tara. We hope you are feeling well, and continue to pray for you and your family. Always here if you need anything at all!
Love, The Huish's

Avon said...

Life is so precious. Thank you for sharing.