Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dr. Shapiro

I went to see the doc the other day and they finally discussed my seizure. He did take my scans to the tumor board and there was one doctor that was worried that the fluid was a sign of tumor regrowth. Dr. took him seriously and had many other doctors look at it. They all disagreed with the doctor who thought it was coing back, and so did Dr. Shapiro. I am passing all the movement tests that I should be passing and I seem to be doing fine. I am legally still allowed to drive because if I do have another seizure it will be another focal partial motor seizure, which is what I had. If this happens I can just pull off the road and call someone. My seizures do not cause me to go unconscious so I am allowed to drive. Apparently most people who have had brain surgery have seizures and he was surprised that it was my first one. I am just still not supposed to be left unattended. Easy to do. When we walked out of the room the doctor said some very encouraging words. "I'm not worried about her" I have never loved those words more. Him not worrying is a good thing. We have learned that doctors not giving you a ton of attention is a good thing. In the ER they told us that no news was good news. The longer we waited for results, the better. They always take care of the urgent things first. They read every scan real quick and if it doesn't look bad then they move on. If it is bad then they take care of it right away and then go back to the other scans. We waited five hours!!!! That's awesome news to us. If the doctor isn't worried than I am not worried. I am on the new meds which still make me feel drunk. He said that I will be on them at least a year and most likely indefinitely. He said that this medicine ruins fetuses so he told us again that we can  not get pregnant. Not planning on it now but what about later? He said that there are other things we can do if I ever want to get pregnant. Pretty much I am going to have a close relationship with these guys for the rest of my life. They will know everything about me while I know nothing but their name about them. Funny how that works. So life is good and I am just waiting for more blood tests today. This will be the third time this week. They have to check my Dilantin levels again.

So that's the word from the doctor. Yesterday at Yoga we talked about the power of the mind again. I really believe that our mind has power and that we can control some of that power. I will try to keep my mind positive and happy. I will use a positive power with my mind...I will be a superhero! :)

As to why this seizure happened - still no real answers.  It could be that the brain is just misfiring and the neurons still are reacting as if there is a tumor in there.  It happens with brain tumor patients and I will likely have to be on anti seizure meds for a very long time.  Dr. Shapiro is currently doing research on that very topic; but the brain is a complicated thing.


Marcy XOXO said...

Glad to hear that the docs aren't worried! Keeping ya in my prayers!!!

Heidi said...

I'm glad to hear that Dr. Shapiro isn't worried about you. Very reassuring!