Monday, March 28, 2011


Okay I made it!!! I am still alive. I am in recovery mode right now. Every time I go through this brain surgery stuff I learn something new. I thought I had learned it all... apparently I had not. I thought I could handle anesthesia just fine... I thought wrong!

The very first words I remember from waking up this time were"okay, you are ready to go now" my eyes were not even open and they were telling me I could go. I was seriously questioning their judgment and for good reason. They did not talk about anything other than getting me out of there from the moment I woke up. Nausea...not a problem for them. Just get her dressed and get her out of here! I felt like I was being herded out. I got out of their way and headed home in just a few short minutes. As we were exiting the freeway I felt that feeling that tells you, you better run cause something is coming up. Since that moment I threw up every time I put anything down my throat, including medicine. Without going into too many details you should just know that I spent the first 30+ hours after surgery without any pain meds. I thought I was crazy but I was yearning for the ICU. I wanted my good nurses that could help me with just a touch of a button. I tell you this not to make you feel bad for me but rather as a warning...When the nurses try to herd you out of there, don't give in. Make them take care of you for a while to make sure that you are handling the medicine well. Learn from my mistake. I know enough about brain surgery and I don't need another one to teach me something new. Three will suffice for me :) No more!!!

Today I am feeling the least amount of pain and the worst seems to be over. Sleeping is still an issue because my ruthless pillow loves poking my head in the night right where it is tender! I need my pillow to cushion my head not poke it!!!! :) I am eating fine again and did not lose too much weight this time around. My hair looks the best it ever has....not! I never thought it could do what it is doing right now...we all think it is rather funny. :) My head it too tender to wash it or wear a hat so it looks like the world can just have a good laugh for a few more days until I can wash my head.

Today I was babysat by my favorite sister in law! We played with Play-doh and colored pictures and ate pretzels. I fit in great with the kids! Oh, I wish I could go back to the care free days of play-doh!

Have a super wonderful Monday night




Heidi said...

I am glad you are feeling better now, but oh, Tara! That sounds just awful. Keep your chin up and keep smiling-- you are my inspiration when I want to curl up and die with my constant nausea. I keep thinking, "Tara deals with so much worse and she does it with a positive attitude" and I try to pull myself together. We love you!!

Kerisa said...

Wish we were there to play too! So glad that surgery went well. Hope the pain goes away soon. We love you!

trishabarry said...

what the heck? I am soooooo sorry that you had to go through all of this AGAIN! time to REST, REST, REST.

My daughter is down right now too... care to come over and rest here?

I love you and I am routing for you! HANG IN THERE!!!!

XOXOXO, trish

Val said...

I hope youre doing better sweet girl!! I'm actually really surprised that you or your mom didn't put up a good fight for you to stay! Haha I'm prayin for you girl! love ya!