Thursday, March 17, 2011

She's in San Diego!

Late breaking news.... kind Dr. Smith got on his cell phone either in between surgeries or before surgery or something yesterday morning and told his medical assistant to deliver the message to me to: "go to San Diego!"  He said the new leakage in Tara's head was not unlikely because she showered and washed it, so just go ahead and go and he'll see us Tuesday!  So after our very worrisome night, and the Bodreros cancelling their trip; we encouraged them to UN cancel their trip, promised them we would find a hotel after theirs was cancelled and full, and they are GONE!  Tara is in Sea World today and Lori said she ate pretty well last night - this round of chemo has gone well at times; but at the end of the week was pretty tough again.  She finished Monday night; so hopefully that will get out of her system enough for her to enjoy the trip.  By the way, on the chemo count, we are DONE with 8 treatments - only 6 to go!!!  (That doesn't count the radiation and chemo in the summer as a treatment - I'm referring to the monthly 5 days of chemo).

I have seen improvement in Tara - she went from NO noise or light in the hospital to being with thousands of people in a stadium for a BYU basketball tournament last weekend.  She did have to take 3 Advil to get through it and was pretty wiped out the next day; but she did it!  She enjoyed the game with her 4 siblings - nothing short of miraculous to get the 5 kids together.  We so enjoyed being together - enjoyed the basketball games, a buffet, shopping, etc.  It was a very nice 1 1/2 days.  We have to steal these small trips when we can!  It's very difficult for Tara to leave town for more than a few days; but we'll take those few days!

We see Dr. Smith on Tuesday; hopefully no more stitching or surgery - thanks so much for your prayers!  I just have a hard time believing those very strong antibiotics haven't wiped out this infection yet!  I keep praying they will work.....


Kelly said...

I am so glad that I found your blog, your story has been so heavy on my heart, especially here lately. I suffer from crohn's and have been in the hospital for almost a month now and you and your story have been such an encouragement for me! I continue to pray for you throughout the day, but really you've been a huge inspiration, your faith is unreal. Thanks again for sharing your story with everyone out here.
-Kelly f.

Mariana Haik├Ânnen said...

I've found your blog about 2 and a half weeks ago... and I've been reading it since then. I read it all in one night and I think you're the most amazing person, Tara! You and your family! You guys are in my prayers every night! Keep up the smiles and strength!

Lots of love from Brazil!

michelle said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. I keep reading and checking on you. You are actually hard to keep up on. LOL. Still very much missing you. Lovy ya silly head. Misha.