Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yes, it is I, the lost blogger. I have come back to share the news since the last hospital visit. My mother gave all the medical details including the growing pussy hole in my head and the visit with Dr. Smith I assume so I will get to the fun stuff which includes...
Horses with the Hatchs
Creative Bows and Arrows/POGO
 and last but not least....SHAMU!!!!!

First stop...JIMMER!

Okay, I am now aware that the whole world does not know who Jimmer is or love him as Chol and I do. For those of you who fit in this sad category...please take a moment and do a little Google-ing of my good friend Jimmer.

Now that you are more aware and in awe as I am you will further appreciate my amazing trip to Las Vegas to see that one and only Jimmer play in the Mountain West Conference. I could sit here and tell you about how I feel about the stinky casinos or the buffet I about died eating at but instead I will focus every character of this segment on Friday Night (aka the Jimmer night).... Okay so as you know, I recently had surgery for the second time. As I well know, the rules for recovery from brain surgery are "no running or physical activity is strict" for the first three weeks! What the doctors did not realize was the fact that I very possibly could have missed the tip off to the most intense basketball game of my life. So after watching the clock and realizing the extreme traffic we were in, I had to make a decision. To run, or not to run. RUN!!!! How could I not? I of course had Chol and Nate on either side of me practically carrying my the whole way. I swear we ran more than a mile. I got the strangest looks! Who is the girl with missing hair, a fanny pack, and kids carrying her at an intense speed? :) Thanks Cholzone and Nate for carrying me there. We walked into the stadium for tip off and then quickly found our seats.  This weekend was the first time since before Ryan's wedding that the Schlappi five children have been together, just us. We all left our spouses at home. I looked around and saw all of my siblings screaming their heads off and rooting BYU on. I have never had so much fun at a game. Jimmer of course had to give us a show and beat his record and scored...52 POINTS!!!! He scored 52 points in one game. I have saved my ticket knowing that it will be worth millions later! :) ha. He was on fire and so were the fans. I almost felt bad for the other team until the guy in front of me decided to stand the whole last 10 minutes just out of spite. I have never been so angry at another fan before...I was so close to smacking him and I am usually not a very violent person. From the pictures, you can tell that we did not have the world's greatest seats but I will not complain...and it will remain the greatest game I have ever attended. The risk was worth it and so was the headache! Go BYU! You just got Jimmered!

I only have one and I am gunna love her forever!

All Five

I just erased a wonderfully, semi-disgusting picture of my head. I figured not everyone was not as intrigued with disgusting pictures as I am. Yes, the night after Jimmer night, we had leakage in the head. I am sure my mother has informed you. One would maybe try to blame it on all the excitment of the game mixed with the mile run to get there but I prefer to do otherwise. This head hole is not Jimmer's fault!

Next Stop...Horses with the Hatch's

For starters, Brother Hatch is the cutest cowboy that ever lived and Sister Mary Helen Hatch is most beautiful angel that I have ever met. Not a soul would disagree with me. These people have got to be the msot Christ-like people in Mesa. They have always been my friend and through this whole brain mess have constantly been taking care of me. One day, during a visit they brought up the idea of possibly riding a horse when I was all better. They knew by the excitment on my face that they were in trouble...I was going to be healing extra fast! About a week later I got the call...the horses were ready and was I! I got to spend a wonderful afternoon with Jerry (my horse) and the Hatch's!

Third Stop... Bows, arrows and a Pogo stick

I have a very creative husband who has been dying to shoot a bow and arrow since the day we were married. He researched how much they were to buy and realized that they were too much so he started researching how to make one. The wood is expensive but it is still something he wants to do before he dies. He is a smart kid and knows that we are proabably not going to drop a few hundred dollars towards a bow right now so last Sunday, he improvised and made his own. I was taking a peaceful nap on the couch and after waking from my nap and saw Joshua walking around in the backyard. After watching him for a while I finally realized what he was man was making himself a bow from the backyard bushes! He used a rubberband and tied the whole thing together. It was completely priceless! He may not be too happy with this little segment but I had to add these pictures. Notice the church shoes with no socks...once again making it work with what he had. I took a great video of him shooting the arrows and grand five feet but I think I will leave that off for now! He said Nephi made it of the wilderness and figured he could too! :)

Now for the other little tidbit I had to add!

Pogo stick...Jessa's birthday wish and my Sunday thrill! Josh had to help me...

Jess was really good at it

Josh was amazing too but a little heavy so we made him stop! I am jealous of their balance skills!

And now last but not least.....SHAMU!!!!

Ah what a dream. I loved every second of it and there are more pictures that are better than my phone pictures but I wanted to put something here! I have been wanting to see Shamu for a very long time and this weekend...I saw the big beauty in person!

These guys were so loud and so active. It was nothing like to zoo where it is rare to see the cool animals move.. Sea World rocks!

If I had to pick friends based on looks...we would not be look too mean!

This turtle was massive

At the long awaited Shamu Show!

You can't tell this is a kangaroo but it is and they are incredibly soft. Almost unbelievably soft!

This Polar Bear was so fun to watch and held nice and still while I stole this shot!

Then came right to me to see how he looked in the picture...had to make sure it was a good one ...ha

My favorite friend that I stared at for about 30 minutes. We liked him so much we came back to visit at the end. I just think they are beautiful and he really liked getting his picture taken!


Shamu Shamu!!!

Well as you can see, recovery hasen't been all that bad. Sure it was more difficult than last time but we still managed to have tons of fun. Brain surgery stinks but it won't ruin my fun! 

Cancer you got nothing on me! Imma win this one

Tara Shamu Bodrero

please pray for my head. i know i said it would be fine if i had to end up in a helmet but i would be fineR not and i would prefer to not go into major surgery number three...


Heidi said...

I'm so glad that you got to get out and have so much fun!!!

The Hiatt Family said...

Tara now I know why Jimmer scored those 52 POINTS!!! It was for you was for YOU!!! Now it all makes sense <3.

So happy you could be at that amazing game with all your siblings and pray for many, many more fun family times in the future!

Tami Schlappi said...

Tara. It is amazing to read your blog every few days. Wow, this is like your personal journal and I have definitely gotten to know you and your passions for life through your diligent writing. You are a great writer. I love you and i expect to experience a day at the barn in Milburn with you and Josh this summer. Yes, he can bring his bow and we will supply the horse. I know you like Jerry but we have Chuckles who you will love to ride. You rock and remember the secret to getting through pain is to attach a purpose.

Mike Schlappi said...

Tara! i accidentally sent the last message as if it came from Tami. This is Uncle Mike and you are awesome.