Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rejoining the Living!

Becky again.... Things are looking up at the Schlappi / Bodrero household!  Yesterday Tara only had one Percaset (pain med) and today I don't think she had any!  She is tolerating light and noise much better than last week  - (last week was zero tolerating of light and noise) and she's able to focus some also.  She got out of bed yesterday and did more than just take a bath for the day.  She actually focused on sewing some quilt blocks for at least 30 minutes until she spotted a scorpion (a DEAD scorpion) which so freaked her out that she ended the sewing process.  AND, she helped some friends and I do a marathon quilt project last night which started at 9 pm - Tara lasted til midnight. Totally amazing!  She is smiling more (although smiling hurts her jaw muscles which are always cut during surgery) and doesn't talk with a weird voice (due to the trach tube in her throat during surgery).  She is acting happier; but I think she's also trying really hard to be happy (or at least "look" happy).

She still is in pain - but I don't ever know how much because she doesn't like to tell me.  I do know it still hurts; however.  She can't bend down without her head hurting and she still needs to sleep in and rest often. After all, there was some "sawing" that went on in her skull - which causes pain for sure! But, she is a fighter, and she's fighting through this one and we will make it! She is still my hero and the "princess on the hill" as Collette would say... (Scott's sister)

I have heard from so many people this week that Tara is still in your prayers every day.... I am so amazed by that.  It humbles me and makes me realize how sometimes I don't see outside my own "box" sometimes and need to remember all those out there who are suffering and have trials.

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