Monday, October 24, 2011

Going home today!

This is Becky.  Tara is going home today! (this was written last Friday) Yippee!  I hope the only other surgery on Tara's horizon is a minor one to remove her port.  We have 3 items of good news.

LOVE our anaethesiologist!  Tara did not throw up once until last night; and we think that was from the Percaset.  She has never been able to eat the first night before; and his concoction worked!  Yea!  We will keep him in the charts and use him for the port removal surgery.  Her eating this surgery has been better than all the others this year.

SURPRISE VISIT from Uncle Mike!  Can you believe it?  He was in town to speak at a convention in Scottsdale for the day; and had his driver re-route him to the hospital instead of the hotel for a few hours!  We were so surprised and LOVED it.  It's impossible to be blue when Mike is around.  He wheeled right in and brightened up our dark room (Tara hates light and noise for awhile after surgery).  We ordered lunch out from a favorite Italian place close instead of eating hospital food and had a little party!

NO CULTURES GREW!  That means prayer #2 was answered!  I am so grateful to our Heavenly Father who is still watchful of Tara as she goes along this brain tumor pathway. Tara will be on antibiotics for 2 weeks as a precautionary measure only. They will be in a pill form - NO IV ANTIBIOTICS!  They should not upset her stomach as much.

She will still probably be expected to go through her last chemo treatment that she skipped this week.  She will do it in about 3 weeks after healing has happened.  So, our expected news about finishing chemo was a little premuture; but all is good because it's still just one more treatment!  Now, we just need to pray that Tara's head heals quickly enough that we can go on that cruise in December.... but if not, we will remain positive and plan a different trip....

Thanks all for your prayers..... we feel them strengthen us so very much!

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MTNMAD!! said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Nothing better than hearing great news concerning Tara and her family!