Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Surgery 6 report

This is Becky.

Well, fans, I just spoke with Dr. Joganic - surgery #6 is about to wind itself up.  I am sincerely hoping and praying this is the LAST, the very LAST surgery!

Tara once again headed through the double doors all smiles and sleepy.  She remained positive all last week as she prepared for surgery.  I am the only wreck around who mopes and cries.  I did successfully not cry this time as she went through the double doors - just fought to hold back tears and this time I succeeded.  Tara's smiles once again carried me along.

Dr. Joganic said the reason for the hole in the head was that the hole was where there was a bone screw or something like that which was putting pressure on that area of the skin.  He talks fast and I would need to record it or have him say everything again; so I'm doing my best to hurry and type what I know.  He said the collagen cells have already turned on to healing (how does he know that?) He said they usually take 13 days; so there is a chance she can even heal faster than the last surgery.  The biggest dilemna to healing is that her skin never will be the same since radiation last year; but the INSIDES of her head are looking good.  He did a small bone graft - put some bone material in where they drilled some bone out. Dr. Smith was the bone driller, and Dr. Joganic was the one in charge of the skin.  So, Dr. Smith drilled out some bone tissues; smoothed it all out, and then the graft with some webbing (titanium) was placed over the bone material.  This will make Tara's head all smooth and pretty again and therefore reduce the pressure of the skin stretching and therefore pull off a LASTING healed head.  At least, that's the plan.  Her bone did not look infected - that's ONE answer to prayers - he said as they drilled to just smooth it out; the blood and bone tissue looked really good.  Her tissue cells have healed from last time and he was generally pleased with her insides.

So, for my second prayer - no antibiotics - the verdict is still out on that one.  I was really, really moping and frustrated because the seizure med takes away Tara's appetite; and the antiobiotics are just horrid on her stomach; so I was very blue about this whole surgery.  Dr. said he did not see signs of infection (YESSS) BUT they sent some tissue off to pathology just in case.  In other words, we will know in 2 days if she "grew" any infection or not.  I pray she does not have any little tiny traces of infection; because if she does; those doctors will slap those antibiotics in her system pretty fast.

The anaethesiologist used a different mix of stuff today hoping to help Tara's nausea.  We'll see how that goes.  She's headed to recovery now; so I'm going to sign off so I can be with her.  I'll post more when I can.

Thanks soooo much for your prayers!  I am feeling better now.  I really really hope we can still go on the cruise; but I'm not sure about that.  Her head has to totally close up.  Dr. Joganic said not to rule out the cruise; but he didn't exactly say she would be fine...... we have to pray she heals quickly.  If not, we will still keep our chins up and plan some other trip - but we would have to wait til summer and I don't want to wait to celebrate the end of treatment that long!  I'm not exactly the most patient person; although this whole process is teaching me more patience than I ever wanted!!

Love you all so very much!  I will be happy to tell Tara the doctors feel good about this.  We just need to get to the place in her life where we can stop checking the inside of her head every few months!!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for your success. Your tenacity is a blessing to us all. How blessed I feel to have followed your success over the past year. It has lifted my spirits in ways you will probably never understand. My Best! ~Laura Weiss

Lori said...

What a strong mother you are - and raised an amazingly strong daughter. Our prayers continue to be with your family and a quick and perfect recovery.

Mandy&Dave said...

Tara, I can't believe this news!! I'm soooo happy for you! What a miracle! I hope this never comes back, and that the rest of your life is peaceful and wonderful. So exciting about being a youth speaker, that is something I'm sure you'll be amazing with. Life has so many challenges, and your ability to face adversity with a smile has inspired me tremendoudly, and left a huge impression on so many people.

Speaking of your wonderful optimism and example, I've been thinking of you lots lately. A mysterious illness for seven weeks just landed me in the hospital, and my MRI came back with a lesion that they think is either multiple sclerosis or a tumor. Yikes! It's right by my motor cortex, so even if it's cancerous, they will not remove it, for fear of paralyzing me. Docs are doing a million tests to figure it out. They seem to lean towards it being MS at certain times, but there is only one mass, which is atypical for MS. So, not sure yet. Feeling like a science experiment and a pin cushion here at the hospital, and I just wanted to thank you for your amazing example of hope, supporting your family, and trusting in the lord. I too believe in miracles, and I'm so grateful to hear your cancer is gone. It truly makes my heart happy. Thanks again for being you.

If you are curious to know what I find out in the coming weeks, we're just making posts on Facebook for now. I'll send you an invite if I can find you. Mine is just Mandy Clive.

Hope you are recovering from your recent surgery, and hope you make your cruise! Nobody deserves it more than you and your family.


Mandy Clive