Thursday, September 1, 2011


Okay so my mother feels it necessary that you all get to see  a few pictures of me and my new hair (that has been recently cut). She took a few pictures when I was wearing make-up and normal clothes so she may be surprised when she sees this but it's all good!

The other night for the first time I blow-dried my new hairs!!!

And if that wasn't enough I teased it...and then I curled it...and then combed it and fluffed it every which way possible!

Josh had tons of fun taking pictures of all my hair happy that I actually can have a "style" now.

Man I really looked like a goof!
The first curls!

Odd comb out of curls

Joshua's favorite

I got a little tease happy on this one

I got my grandma style all ready for when I am older...Josh is hoping the Second Coming comes quick... :)

Ahhh that was a nice random post...

I felt it more interesting than all the doctors I have been to because of my silly kidney stone...

Happy 50 tomorrow dad!!!

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Rachel Schlappi said...

hahahahahahaa... I love you. Those are some good looks for you :)