Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pictures of Adelyn!!!

Becky here..... it's a little hard for Tara to post pictures with one hand.... so I'm helping her out and getting some cute pictures on the blog.

There is nothing in the world so miraculous as a baby; and watching Tara, Josh, and little Adelyn together is the MOST heart-warming thing in the whole world!!!  Such a miracle and blessing!  I love this little girl so much!  This is the best!  Now I have 3 grandchildren here to enjoy; and 3 more on the way!  Aaahhhh life is beautiful.  We are so blessed.  Please pray for us as Tara faces the scan / brain world again this week. She has been having headaches but we are blaming them on lack of sleep and hormones.  She does seem to be getting better as the days pass and is recovering from childbirth.  Feeding little Adelyn takes all her time, and as new mothers know, getting anything else other than caring for a baby done during the day is a bonus.  A shower is a bonus, a walk, or any picking up in the house!  I love watching Tara experience the NORMAL things about life - all these experiences with the baby are treasured moments for sure!  We love you all and appreciate your support!


Robin said...

My name is robin and I have been following Tara's blog for awhile now. I can't even remember how I got directed to it in the first place, but I pray for her and have been so excited for her to experience motherhood. Such a blessing that every woman should get to enjoy. I hope all goes well with her scan this week. Thank you for posting pictures of this sweet little girl. She is beautiful. I'm so happy for Tara.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely a miracle, gods little miracle. Tara is a amazing women. I continue to pray everyday for Tara. Your grandchild is beautiful.


Heidi said...

Sooo beautiful!!

We will be praying that the scan goes well.