Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Scan day

Becky again....

I am sitting here uncontrollaby crying for no really good reason.  I am mostly crying because I am so touched by the support from all of you.  I went on facebook and saw how many people are praying for sweet Tara today.  I just don't know how we could make it through this without prayer.  So, why am I crying??  Is it because I've already been up since 4:30 and am overly tired?  No, I think the reason I can't stop is because my sweet daughter has to face the brain world again today and she is scared.  I don't like her to have to face this.  I don't want to face it, either.  It's been a nice long break without scans but face it we must.  And we can only do it with the support of the Lord and our friends and family.  I just wish that all she had to face every day was the beautiful face of her little daughter and the love of her husband.  I don't want this to be part of her life.  I know we are likely better people because of it; but this just stinks sometimes. So, I am crying and crying and taking my "brave break" now so I won't do it when I'm with Tara.  Thanks for letting me vent and keep those prayers coming.

Love you all

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Anonymous said...

What do you mean crying for no really good reason? I applaud you for your strength time and time again. As a mom, your heart is broken in a million pieces everytime your child is in any type of situation. I am in awe of our awesome God, who takes such good care of us mothers and our children. Praise him for all he has given us....I cannot even fathom his greatfulness. He is an awesome God. And you my lovely, are an awesome child of God, and I commend you. Blessings.