Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scan Results

Becky again.... these are Tara's words from facebook - it's easier for her to post on facebook, I'm guessing.

Well it has been 11 months since my last we heard two of our favorite words..."no change"  I decided to stare at my little Addie instead of the brain scan...I wish I had her for all the other scans...I have less anxiety looking at her than at the scans! Happy day 

Becky here.... I did calm down after my brave break when I vented to all of you; and I credit my calming down due to a blessing I received from my brother who is staying here.  As I was completely losing it; the thought kept coming to me, "you could ask Ron for a blessing."  But I disregarded it telling myself I have cried and cried  before and faced hard things and I could do it again; but I finally listened to the thought and I'm so glad I did.  Suffice it to say, I felt the Lord's love for myself and Tara (again) and I was able to calm down and face the scan calmly with Tara.  Tara didn't seem too rattled and I was so glad.  Thank heavens for little Adelyn to be a wonderful distraction.

I can't say enough thanks for all the prayers and support sent our way.  One other little hopeful piece  - Shapiro said since we made it 11 months without a scan we can now wait for 3 months before our next one.  That is great news in the GBM world.  So, now only 4 times a year will we go through this stress.

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