Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Track 14: my very favorite will see why

 So my little sister got married to Mr Nathan Anderson and I am very happy to have a new brother in law as well as a happy married sister. When we left the wedding dinner Nathan and Rachel had chosen their favorite love songs and put them on a CD for all of us to share. I was excited because some of the songs looked new so I popped that pretty white CD into my car and began the jams. 
Track 1 was good as well as 2-13 but my heart stopped and fell in love with Track 14. It was a little upbeat song about lovers dancing and it uses my favorite word multiple times...  hush. That word seriously is so beautiful. I have loved it since I sang with Rob Gardner in the 11th grade. 
Back to the point. I am obsessed with Track 14...considering making 14 my new favorite number dancing to the song...have it memorized and then one day I was downstairs in our humble abode with a serious craving for my Track but it was all the way in the car so that meant that I would have to walk all the way up the stairs and back down and go in the car to get the CD. Too much work for me... but trusty Mr. internet bailed me out of all that strenuous exercise. Found it!!!! and there is even a music video!!!! I had not watched a music video since well...I had no idea. Back to the point again. I decided to watch the video of my Track 14 (I had to learn the name of the song by typing the lyrics into Google...thanks Google where would I be without you?)
 So I watched this video and then made Josh watch it. He was reluctant saying that I was over playing the song and that I better be careful or he would never let me play it again. I won him over and we sat together on the floor to enjoy this together. 

Now I have held off for quite some time...not sure where or not I should share this but today I just felt to urge to show the world my very favorite song coupled with a video that reminds me of me. Maybe I cried a little or maybe I am lying to you and bawled a lot. I think you will see why. Please enjoy my Track 14

Becky here,

Ok, Tara, I cried as well; but not until I could see it full screen and really see what was going on.  Here is the link for all of you who had the same trouble I did.

I will post later... wanted Tara to post first - but you cannot imagine how amazing it feels to have Tara back!  It's been over 2 years since we've had THIS Tara back - but we'll never see the previous Tara again - now she's much deeper and stronger.  It's like a heavy backpack full of rocks just emptied it's last rock.  We still have some pebbles there - a few hurdles ahead of us; but I think our faith has been refined throughout the past 2 years, and we can deal with the upcoming hurdles.  Thank heavens the Lord was there by our sides to help us carry that backpack through the last 2 years.... couldn't have done it by ourselves, that's for sure!


Emily Nicoll said...

That is the sweetest thing! Wow, I love that video. And I love you Tara!

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